Die besten Videos 2018 (Teil 8) || ✪ Stern DuTube

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Die besten Videos !!!
    Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Laune !!! :)

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    Der Outro Song - Chinese instrument, Guzheng (Smile Wang)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SO5Ese3-K1Y


  • fischerpilne


     2 hours ago

    4:10 & 5:52 !!

  • Pual Cruz

    Pual Cruz

     9 hours ago

    20:08 some parents deserve gold medals but never get the recognition.

  • ONE MAN ARMY    oma015

    ONE MAN ARMY oma015

     22 hours ago

    That was actually a very nice compilation, 100% feelgood
    It made my night, thank you!

  • rexxo


     2 days ago

    9:26 CNN in a nutshell

  • Harold Witham

    Harold Witham

     3 days ago

    the girl with the dog was beautifulll!!!

  • asdrubal adalberto

    asdrubal adalberto

     4 days ago

    the last clip is the "quero-quero", that tiny guy is famous where i come from for being someone you don't mess with.

  • CaramelDlux2013


     7 days ago

    After seeing many of these, it just makes me feel good that I don't participate in work potlucks or go out to eat much. Gross!!!

  • diego weiller

    diego weiller

     7 days ago

    Lots of things bout Brazil

  • Missouri Teebomb

    Missouri Teebomb

     7 days ago

    all animals have a soul

  • Apollo Mars

    Apollo Mars

     14 days ago

    typical day at VR chat
    me: 5:53

  • Арина С

    Арина С

     14 days ago +1

    Боже! Жизнь прекрасна и удивительна!!!

  • Lecto- Escritor

    Lecto- Escritor

     14 days ago

    2:31 Aren´t you ashamed the dog is smarter and more sociable than you??

  • David Dumais

    David Dumais

     14 days ago

    The same thing happens to me in 92 I was in Maniwaki Quebec in the middle of the little pokenok lake the squirrel went in and out of the canoe time into finally going in front of the canoe and stay there until the shore came I ear it say thank you from time to time it was a good feeling to live from a native point of view you don't forget those kinds of thing mother nature give it back to you so many time

  • Michael Preyer

    Michael Preyer

     14 days ago

    0:59 - Does anyone know what type of weather phenomenon causes clouds to do this? Fascinating!

  • SC Mandell

    SC Mandell

     14 days ago

    Exceptionally great stuff! Where do you find all these things? Amazing.

  • ladychiclet


     14 days ago

    Faith in humanity restored

  • An Entity

    An Entity

     21 days ago

    Amazing mother bird defend her junior against a star destroyer 😍

  • Merulious Lacrimens

    Merulious Lacrimens

     28 days ago

    Man, what an amazing cloud, wow.

  • Mark Pelenytschka

    Mark Pelenytschka

     a months ago

  • ye ol films

    ye ol films

     a months ago

    This video just made my day