Die besten Videos 2018 (Teil 8) || ✪ Stern DuTube

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Die besten Videos !!!
    Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Laune !!! :)

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    Der Outro Song - Chinese instrument, Guzheng (Smile Wang)
  • Source: https://youtu.be/SO5Ese3-K1Y


  • Garden Joy

    Garden Joy


    Perfect add with the squirrel eating the snickers. Perfect. (Do hope that squirrels can handle chocolate though.)

  • Garden Joy

    Garden Joy


    That lady helping that poor cat in pain at 13: 14... THANK YOU !!!!!!!

  • Оксана Ляшок

    Оксана Ляшок

     2 days ago




     3 days ago

    DONT pick up baby birds,their mum will reject them because of your human scent....ok?

  • Kansa City Shuffle

    Kansa City Shuffle

     3 days ago

    8:40 asian veal



     4 days ago

    Defenetly one of the best videos from that series 👍!

  • jozsefkacsa


     5 days ago

    14:36 Great fucking people! Instead of drive up beside the Driver, hauling those pipes and let him/her know that those pipes aren't Secure and are whacking all the other Vehicles on the Highway, Let's just wait to see if it Causes an Accident and some People might get seriously hurt or even Die! So if we catch it on Camera we'll have some great YT, Google, FB, Instagram or Twitter Video and make an Extra 200-300 bucks!! Fucking Inconsiderate assholes!!!

  • Phil Frydman

    Phil Frydman

     5 days ago

    Very good

  • Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

     5 days ago

    When you look at them closely, most of these videos are total shit! Think about what you don't see! Humans treating animals like children, yet allowing children to be murdered? You're jooed! Silly sheeple!

  • susan brown

    susan brown

     7 days ago

    Bird one was so cool at end clip..

  • tion Maul

    tion Maul

     7 days ago


  • honky tonk

    honky tonk

     7 days ago

    Wie kam der Hamster da hin?

  • PublikOne Comunicação

    PublikOne Comunicação

     14 days ago

    Last one: OMG. Some people really deserve heaven on earth!

  • Tony 77

    Tony 77

     14 days ago

    Magnifique Merci

  • Michael Albrecht

    Michael Albrecht

     14 days ago

    tolle videos :)

  • M Kefayati

    M Kefayati

     14 days ago

    @ 12:27
    YOU SIRE!! are the ACE of all aces! that is just out of this world! I bow down to you SIRE!! jesus christ!!

  • William White

    William White

     14 days ago

    8.32 these filthy fucks are just pulling out their next meal.

  • CMAenergy


     21 days ago

    How can people be so cruel to their children, Letting their dogs and other animals lick their diseased parts where it all happens and then lick their kids faces to later in life have even herpes or even worse,
    You people should not be allowed to have children
    Talking about gun laws, There should be a parent ban on these people!
    What about a knife ban which does more harm to the human being?

  • Moha momo

    Moha momo

     21 days ago

    18:32 is good 🐄

  • Moha momo

    Moha momo

     21 days ago

    18:02 OMG 🙈😯😬😱