Idiots Tree Felling Fails with Chainsaw Machine - Tree Falls on Head and House

  • Published on:  Sunday, November 24, 2019
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    - Giant Trees Felling Climbing Near Houses with Chainsaw STIHL! Dangerous Lumberjack Skills
    - Building Wooden Frame House From Scratch Time Lapse!
    - Sawmill Factory Processing in Japan, Germanm, USA ......
    - Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw and Axe
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  • Ynot


     an hour ago

    Bunch of morons . 2nd dude has his ladder above where he’s going to cut ! U made it to the tube Now go put up the saw your not even nowhere near ....... leave it to the pro ‘s

  • madelaine smithe

    madelaine smithe

     2 hours ago

    People seem think they can cut trees down with impunity. That is not so. There is a Karmic payment and the *Lord of Karma* will exact a payment. A tree is a sentient living creature and just because humans have not got any appreciation it won't save them from consequences. Animals know better.

  • Stelios Stavrinides

    Stelios Stavrinides

     12 hours ago

    there will always be idiots in the world

  • Richard Raucina

    Richard Raucina

     13 hours ago

    One of the few times a hard hat would really help, dope on the manlift without one. These are not accidents, these are mistakes.

  • ParisLondonRoma


     17 hours ago

    Stuff like this is why I'm real careful driving by tree people along the roads

  • doglips1958


     18 hours ago

    Cuttin trees in the hot sun,, I fought the tree and the tree won, I fought the tree and the tree won.I miss my chainsaw and I feel so bad, I guess my cuttins done,was the best house I ever had, I fought the tree and the tree  won.(slightly altered lyrics from the 1966 Bobby Fuller  hit)

  • doglips1958


     18 hours ago

    First can almost here the tree laughing as its falling.....

  • wattdoc


     19 hours ago

    How can the the tease shots covering half the screen at 7:51 be removed or hidden, WE MAY WANT TO SEE THE VIDEO WE'RE TRYING TO WATCH.

  • Neva Farris

    Neva Farris

     22 hours ago

    They had to of been high all of them. I'm no tree Man. But, I have common sense. What ever happened to thinking before you do

  • PyroSax



    This is why I always cut the top cut first. Have your escape route planned! I feel bad for the homeowner. Although I'm sure the readers are perfect, and have never made a mistake, one small mistake can cost a LOT. I'm hoping nobody was hurt.

  • ambush 247

    ambush 247


    Destination fucked for all of these dumb shit lol

  • ambush 247

    ambush 247


    2:20 what did they think would happen

  • David Springer

    David Springer


    Trump 2020

  • Juan Tijerina

    Juan Tijerina


    You got some real stupid people out there , damn

  • fellpower



    People, that DONT KNOW, how to cut a tree..LOL

  • Jan Ohlin

    Jan Ohlin


    Get the ads out of the way! They are even more idiotic! Two big ads blocking out the film!

  • metrin stoefta

    metrin stoefta


    question? yes! why do you put previews OVER the climax of the last clip?????? stupid




    Guy 2 minutes in lucky didn't get killed

  • Pretty Sure

    Pretty Sure


    I've see the original upload.. The neighbor is filming because he told the neighbor that is cutting the tree multiple times to get it done professionally but buddy refused. So anyway, you see now why its filmed quietly from across the street... he knew this was a sight to behold..

  • T Dog

    T Dog


    Dumb shit not wearing a safety helmet.