Must Watch New Funny 😂 😂 Comedy Videos 2019 - Episode 39 || #SohelAhmed

  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
  • Hello Dear Viewers,
    This a funny video channel. We generally make funny videos with having batter blending mixed with comedy. The purpose of our channel is to spread entertainment for your viewers. The concept of our videos come from day to day funny activities of village people. We are too much conscious about our script making.
    We generally shoot our videos from Rajbari, Dhaka, Bangladesh but because of some special videos we are to go other places or districts. We have very short team member but we are always conscious and serious about our videos. Out team members are:

    FB: /PaglaActor

    C/O: Sohel Ahmed
    Script Writer - Sohel Ahmed
    Producer - S.K. Sagor
    Camera Man - Sukanto Sharma
    Actors: SK Abir, Sabbir, Sagor, Sohel and so on.

    Whatever, we can give you surety that our videos contains a lot of funny actives what will lead you in unlimited laughing. Our videos do not contain any physical harm, death or dangerous activates. Please subscribe our channel and be with ourselves to get more funny videos and to stay in funny world.

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