DragonBall Xenoverse 2 Lets Talk About DLC Pack 8!

  • Published on:  Monday, October 29, 2018
  • As always thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this DragonBall Xenoverse 2 Lets Talk About DLC Pack 8 video discussing everything that has been announced for the upcoming xenoverse 2 dlc pack 8 including the two characters in dragon ball super broly and ssb gogeta as well as the tournament of power map and the 1v5 raid mode coming in the next dlc pack so let me know how your feeling about dlc 8 and your thoughts about what I said in the video as well


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     a years ago

    They need to bring back Ki Blast wars where you circle the analog stick as fast as you can like in the old games

  • Monsmurf


     a years ago

    Not thrilled about another Supersaiyan blue, I'd like to see a "paint it pink" patch released considering inclusion of Gine in the new movie though physically weak she's still stronger than Hercule and possibly more a Ki user which would put her in need of saving often. Fascha's armor is already in game, Ribrianne's gear is in game, Caulifla and Kale and of course the pink lady herself Android 21 i'm not a fan of neo feminism but I do feel the girls are very under represented and generally more savage than males. Not sure who i'd like to see as number 2 seeing as Dimps insists on 2 per dlc but definitely not psyched by another Goku or Vegeta type. There definitely needs to be a great deal more gear options rather than rehashes of old stuff, maybe tier 6 QQ bangs. The truth about all mmo endgame is it's all about gear, customization, dressing up, and collecting said things. I realize I may gain a lot of hate for wishing to see this but don't really care. Xenoverse 2 itself is not cannon, neither are DB Minus, the fan made series, or other games, yet I still have a CaC Gine, and Ranch, and am thinking of creating Note of DB heroes, and also Teen Pan, Teen Bra, and or Bran from DB AF I lack customization options to make these characters so i'd like to see more customization options as well. :) I followed instructions, now hate away!

  • Max/rose Fox anime

    Max/rose Fox anime

     a years ago

    let talk about can we get a dragon Ball xenoverse 3 already

  • BigMan!


     a years ago

    In this dlc they should also add a transformation for blue vegeta pre set like they did for blue kaioken goku

  • Ace II

    Ace II

     a years ago

    Co op story mode is my wish but i know that will never happen

  • Marmotiux Marmol

    Marmotiux Marmol

     a years ago

    Free dlc??? Or we have to buy it

  • President C4

    President C4

     a years ago

    I don't really have any requests. I haven't played the game since Cabba and Frost dropped but I'm rebuying it tomorrow on Switch so I'll be enjoying all that's come and changed since the last time I played.

  • Nathan Harris

    Nathan Harris

     a years ago

    Nice thumbnail

  • PapaKirby


     a years ago +1

    all i want is the new broly and his outfit for our characters, and maybe a lssj transformation but thats probably not gonna happen

  • Kai


     a years ago

    The only comment that isn't absolute shit is the "ssj4 transformation" one, the rest is a bunch of shit by little kids who just want accessories and most likely never play online and just play PQ's because they suck.

  • BushBabyOmega


     a years ago +1

    I think that we'll be getting Dark Hair Broly, it wouldn't make sense to jump to a LSSJ form. The LSSJ form may be another preset, but I'm just not positive that will be in the game

  • SS4 Gerru

    SS4 Gerru

     a years ago +1

    My wish is for Gogeta not wearing that outfit in the thumbnail. Its not a Potora fusion that fuses clothes, its the Fusion Dance and this creates the Fusion clothing like Gotenks and Gogeta normally wears.

    Its becoming a bit sloppy now😡.

  • Andrew Budden

    Andrew Budden

     a years ago

    Lets talk no more dlc for a dead game & put out xenoverse 3 already

  • Kris Prince

    Kris Prince

     a years ago

    They could drop it before the movie remember UI goku came out a week or so before the show gave us the full reveal



     a years ago

    What would be nice is fighting styles and aura colors, like you could get the fight style from a mentor and stuff that'd be the coolest. And the aura could be like a color pallete thing. That'd honestly be the best.

  • YBN_C-Dubzz


     a years ago

    They should make ssgss 2 max

    the regular ssgss, but they could also put in ascended ssgss
    The complete version of ssgss

    It’s the darker version of ssgss that vegeta transformed into in the tournament of power.

    I just think I’d be really cool, that’s all.

  • Marcus MacRobbie

    Marcus MacRobbie

     a years ago

    Add potato 7!

  • Mark R

    Mark R

     a years ago

    2:05 “to jump straight in”

  • Shane Murry

    Shane Murry

     a years ago

    sigh I guess we will never get a new race awakening for those who are not saiyans.

  • Arnav Gupta

    Arnav Gupta

     a years ago

    Have u never played tenkaichi 3