The Origin of The Emperor | Frieza’s BIRTH & DARK CHILDHOOD

  • Published on:  Friday, August 30, 2019
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    This story gives us a peek into the childhood of Dragon Ball’s most iconic villain, Frieza. This is Unguarded: A Dragon Ball Fan Comic

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  • Rising Fist

    Rising Fist

     a months ago +54

    Chapter 2 is out now! Watch it HERE ⬇️

  • Edie Beacon

    Edie Beacon

     4 hours ago

    they would probably name his mother ice tray or something

  • armando rivera

    armando rivera

     yesterday +1

    Well it's finally revealed that Frieza is a boy if that's so where's his private parts??

  • King Super Saiyan

    King Super Saiyan


    Only if Frieza was raised properly to be good

  • Mark Catoe

    Mark Catoe


    Baby freeza is a savage

  • Moti Tanny

    Moti Tanny


    The baby in the thumbnail has no neck

  • Daniel YellowOwl

    Daniel YellowOwl


    Whats up with them(storytellers these days) all Satanic. Really making the evil beings with corrupt god complexes. But to close to Jesus. Why not have their own seperate persona? Its truly pathetic.

  • Daniel YellowOwl

    Daniel YellowOwl


    Isn't Frieza the son of a kia? Frieza is a prodigy."Taste my deathbeam you insignificant fool."

  • Minecraft League Gaming

    Minecraft League Gaming

     2 days ago

    Krillin: Whoever thought of Frieza with boobs?

    Everyone: ...

    Krillin: What? Am I the only one?

    Vegeta: Yes! (He must never know...)

  • Jayme Brown

    Jayme Brown

     2 days ago


  • Jayme Brown

    Jayme Brown

     2 days ago

    Good video and good job you guys



     2 days ago

    i see , he is born with final form already

  • How to get Username

    How to get Username

     2 days ago


  • Boas N Barbells

    Boas N Barbells

     3 days ago +3

    Isn’t the freeze race A sexual

  • statos


     3 days ago

    Why was he born in his final form

  • KAT


     4 days ago

    What a cool family

    No pun intended 😂



     4 days ago

    That's was great

  • Philip hurley

    Philip hurley

     7 days ago

    All right I'll bite, this could be the reason why he fight with goku in tournament of powers Lol

  • This is Patrick

    This is Patrick

     7 days ago

    I’d this cannon

  • hand shark puppet

    hand shark puppet

     7 days ago

    How was he born this final form whoever made this is an idiot you're supposed to make it in his first form idiot