Ultra Instinct Build! (Any character) Xenoverse 2



  • Rererep1


     2 years ago +26

    If you guys want to check out my ultra instinct aura video here it is https://youtu.be/F3fr2HPlpv0

  • Nolen kevin Romai

    Nolen kevin Romai

     5 days ago

    Lmao wheres the link

  • the drawing man

    the drawing man

     2 months ago

    Wow cool dlc I cant buy

  • Your Mom Didn't Love you

    Your Mom Didn't Love you

     4 months ago +2

    Ui build:
    Supers (organize in your order):

    Data input/phantom fist (optional)

    Burst kamehameha/bending Kamehameha (optional)

    Punisher Drive

    Freedom kick/meteorcrash (optional)


    Sayian spirit/Super spirit bomb

    Super Kamehameha

    Hyper movement

    :) Have fun

  • 719Gas from THEslumZ

    719Gas from THEslumZ

     5 months ago

    Black kray-angel wings on my goons.... also no data input come on how you gonna have UI build with no data input or ultra instinct wig come on buddy also the "HAAH" super should and divinity unleashed charging skill

  • TJMANIAC789 Goodie

    TJMANIAC789 Goodie

     6 months ago

    What about the aura

  • Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz

     7 months ago


  • SSJ4 Goku

    SSJ4 Goku

     7 months ago

    you dont have any pants dont you OOF

  • DemonX Spawn

    DemonX Spawn

     9 months ago

    Not wearing pants

  • Captain Stephen Gaming

    Captain Stephen Gaming

     11 months ago

    get yo ass some pants lmao

  • Ui Beauxx

    Ui Beauxx

     a years ago

    u lie its not in the descriptionđź–•đź–•

  • Sackboy


     a years ago

    Build for vegeta:
    Galick gun
    Final Flash
    Meteor Crash
    Potential Unleashed

  • Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya

     a years ago

    How did u change ur style in fighting and standing

  • Jaxxten Markko

    Jaxxten Markko

     a years ago +1

    Data input

  • Kenshin Original1

    Kenshin Original1

     a years ago

    how do you make a Female cac Saijan fast as ultra instic?

  • yasir


     a years ago

    2:45 ui goku

  • Gene Stringfellow

    Gene Stringfellow

     a years ago

    You should have had data input because when someone tries to hit u you dodge without pressing anything

  • Jamesy James

    Jamesy James

     a years ago +2

    I like yours but here's mine!

    Super 1: Time skip back breaker (If you don't know how to use it, use something else)
    Super 2: Mach punch or Mach kick (Closest thing to the super fast kicks and punches)
    Super 3: Pressure sign (I was considering rough ranger, but the barrier and color is unlike ultra instinct)
    Super 4: Maximum charge (Change it if ya want, but I NEED THIS OFFLINE OK!)
    Note -- You can use more flashy and cool looking moves that LOOK more like ultra instinct, but personally I like moves that FEEL and FUNCTION like ultra instinct.
    Ultimate 1: Burning Strike or Time skip Molotov
    Ultimate 2: Justice Combination (If godly display comes to custom characters use that)
    Awoken: Potential unleashed (Good stat increases and looks like UI a little)
    Evasive: Mach dash or spirit explosion (I recommend mach dash)

    Your character's clothes
    Any accessory you want or none
    QQ Bang: Use something with high ki, stamina and either strike or ki blast supers!
    Super Soul: This heat...will be your downfall! Or the real fight starts now!

    Attributes 375 total:
    Max Health: 50
    Max Ki: 80
    Max Stamina: 70
    Basic Attacks: 70
    Strike Supers: 50
    Ki Blast Supers: 50

  • Jamesy James

    Jamesy James

     a years ago

    I have a question though, attribute points??

  • Jamesy James

    Jamesy James

     a years ago

    I now have a mastered UI Earthling with this build he's a pride trooper thanks alot!!!