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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 25, 2017
  • I bring to you a compilation of Angry people..

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  • R S

    R S

     11 minutes ago

    Maaaaaan white people be angry 😂😂

  • Paul Danaher

    Paul Danaher

     15 minutes ago

    Nice example you're showing your kids, bitch. Real classy spitting on someone! Real classy!

  • Petro


     17 minutes ago

    I cant take insults seriously with a British accent

  • Edward The goat

    Edward The goat

     an hour ago

    Man then insults hit different what are we even saying in america😂

  • Life Present

    Life Present

     2 hours ago

    Ahhhh, hi everyone what's a slag?

  • William Mekhjian

    William Mekhjian

     2 hours ago

    That chick is wrong.. ..and that guys math is bad.

  • Bumbleness Supreme Brady

    Bumbleness Supreme Brady

     2 hours ago

    This is how my job deals with customers like this.

    'Get out of the store' 'You cannot make me'

    My manager will walk away, call the police, and get them trespassed. He won't argue with them, he won't continue with the conversation, he'll just call the police and let the trespasser learn to leave next time. It happens every few weeks, people really, really, really underestimate how quickly we'll call the police and how quickly they show up. I'm talking 1 minute response times from the police.

  • Bumbleness Supreme Brady

    Bumbleness Supreme Brady

     2 hours ago

    Anyone reading this, most stores do not have to listen to corporate nor do they get punished by corporate for having an upset customer. Corporate often reserves the right of the store to be ran by the GM the way they wish. While the stores do have to adhere to policies corporate wide, day to day transactions are at the discretion of the store more often than not.

    Saying "i'll take this to corporate' is as useful as telling someone who doesn't care how your day is going.

  • Forest


     3 hours ago

    Disgusting mother 🤮🤮🤮

  • Cory G

    Cory G

     4 hours ago

    Pack of damn hot dogs is what? A dollar? That much headache over a 5 dollar bill. People are pathetic.

  • Gwen Hands

    Gwen Hands

     4 hours ago

    That woman really wanted those hot dogs lol

  • SamSam


     5 hours ago

    Seriously she threw her kid into the seat wtf

  • Felicity D'Ambrosio

    Felicity D'Ambrosio

     5 hours ago

    All this hate makes me depressed. REGRET clicking on .

  • boatman Bermuda

    boatman Bermuda

     7 hours ago

    the abuse of retail workers has to stop. Its sad what they have to go through onn daily basis.

  • mark larkin

    mark larkin

     7 hours ago

    Poor kids will grow exactly the same. Scummy mommys. I bet today she has 7 in care. Keep your easy legs crossed girl.

  • Ellon Elloff

    Ellon Elloff

     7 hours ago

    Why do Americans always repeat things over and over again?? Bitch shut the fuck up???

  • Täter Beschreibung 1977

    Täter Beschreibung 1977

     7 hours ago


  • marisol velez

    marisol velez

     8 hours ago

    went somebody spit on face to me that is assaulting and to the girl who was telling get out my country. She does not own this country I hate racism and peo[ple think that own this country because thier born here. GET A LIVE

  • Marie


     8 hours ago

    What a nasty pig.. and was the other little boy with her that she left in the road?

  • Julian Willett

    Julian Willett

     9 hours ago

    128 hot dogs?

    Nevermind, 64.

    No, 0.