DLC PACK 8 LEAKS! Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 NEW Broly Movie & SSGSS Gogeta Blue DLC?!

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  • BIG THANKS TO KOMODO FOR THE DATAMINE - https://twitter.com/komodoxeno

    DLC PACK 8 LEAKS! Komodo has recently datamined Xenoverse 2's most recent update and has found some interesting files hinting at the New Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie DLC Characters Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gogeta Blue & NEW Broly DLC LEAK?! Could a NEW SSGSS Gogeta Blue and the new Dragon Ball Super Movie Broly Movie Version of Full Power Broly be the next DLC for Extra Pack 4 / DLC Pack 8?

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  • Darwin Waterson

    Darwin Waterson

     a years ago

    So want it...

  • Soul Gamer

    Soul Gamer

     a years ago

    I really wanted movable tails and spiky hair when we go super saiyan

  • Goku Black

    Goku Black

     a years ago

    Maybe we get broly base form and there's a lssj transformation for him.

  • JAMI Muhammad

    JAMI Muhammad

     a years ago +1

    I hope we get a free character or presetd like dlc 1 free update.

  • Josh -The Spooky Bastard-

    Josh -The Spooky Bastard-

     a years ago

    “This one is likely Gogeta Blue.”

    Nah fam that’s Veku.

  • Rossolon


     a years ago

    is it really happening IS GOGETA FINALLY BECOMING CANON

  • David Strader

    David Strader

     a years ago

    We just need super saiyan 4 for cac

  • sonicboy 3d

    sonicboy 3d

     a years ago

    Request: can you do mastered ultra instinct vegito?

  • JE 3rd Barefoot

    JE 3rd Barefoot

     a years ago

    If they're gonna give us Broly with the same skills, then they should just do what they did with Goku blue. Make him a preset instead of using up more slots. Unless they give us his base form and give him the transformation

  • popg21 the mobile player

    popg21 the mobile player

     a years ago +1

    Imagine instead of gogeta blue we got gogeta red so we can have vegito blue vs gogeta red

  • juju bro w.

    juju bro w.

     a years ago +1

    I'm hyped

  • Craig Royce

    Craig Royce

     a years ago

    I'm tired of fusions let these guys defeat enemies on their own

  • Nero


     a years ago

    Aaaaaaahhh fuck yes!



     a years ago +2

    well i mean vegito ssj4 is a heroes thing now so it’s not ridiculous to believe gogeta blue could be a thing

  • Thunderwing Doomslayer

    Thunderwing Doomslayer

     a years ago

    Now all I need is bardock appearing and ill be happy with this film

  • Uneekness /Foxx Void

    Uneekness /Foxx Void

     a years ago

    Android 21!

  • Gabriel Nembhard

    Gabriel Nembhard

     a years ago

    I want DLC 8 to be like this:
    2 new characters
    New Vegeta Variation (with Super Saiyan Blue Evolution preset) They did the same for Kaioken Blue Goku so it's only fair if Vegeta gets SSBE set)
    U.I Goku (Omen) variation
    New Skills
    New P.Quests
    Kefla's Costume
    DBS Broly Costume ( could be a special event when the movie releases)
    Super Baby 2 Wig (event)

  • Gokusanya97


     a years ago

    i want lssj for our saiyan cac

  • Luckyy 94

    Luckyy 94

     a years ago

    Let’s face it guys there is no Xenoverse 3 they are going to just update XV2 like grand theft auto

  • K Kekumii

    K Kekumii

     a years ago +2