Stupid, Crazy & ANGRY PEOPLE - Compilation

  • Published on:  Tuesday, March 29, 2016
  • Best angry people placed in one compilation. You can find here a lot of funny things, ANGRY people, and many other fails. Enjoy the video and let us know your thoughts down below. See you next time!



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  • ulugirl havea

    ulugirl havea

     36 minutes ago

    Ok Boomer

    Haha nah I don’t use that but this reminded me of it

  • Charles Rhodes

    Charles Rhodes

     5 hours ago

    Good cryst ? motel ✌

  • Charles Rhodes

    Charles Rhodes

     5 hours ago

    Some females are crazy 😵

  • MrTormented75


     8 hours ago

    On the real, I've dealt with people like this. Maybe they've had a bad day/week/month, who knows. but they are totally irrational sometimes, and you cannot talk to them. Just walk away. Somehow it's neighbors who get this pissed off, in my expereince. And God forbid you have to live next door to those idiots. Your life will be miserable, trust me!

  • Graymin


     8 hours ago

    As soon as the first frame hit my retinas, I knew Karen was up to no good.

  • Loki Lover

    Loki Lover

     10 hours ago

    1.15 omg a real karen!!!!!

  • The Red Panda

    The Red Panda

     10 hours ago

    0:00 backrooms noises intensify

  • The Arked Wolf

    The Arked Wolf

     15 hours ago

    Look, if I were that guy at the end and that chick kept hitting me and tearing my clothes I would of punched her fucking teeth in because that’s nothing but self defense. What she did was SO wrong

  • onefoot7


     18 hours ago

    First one: do you think that maybe you shouldn't be eating burgers Fatty

  • WiseOWL 2019

    WiseOWL 2019

     19 hours ago

    the lady talking is hilarious lol hes doing some type of ritual lol

  • Tex 1

    Tex 1



  • Edward Stone

    Edward Stone


    if that man would have hit that women assaulting him he would have gone to jail

  • Edward Stone

    Edward Stone


    missing my appointment, cause you want to yell, what an idiot

  • Kevin Worrell

    Kevin Worrell

     yesterday +1

    My God, that girl at the end. Dude, let her suck you off and blow down her neck and she'll cheer up thinking about you while she's in her room playing stinky fingers with her holes later that night.🤔 I credit you for not UFC- ing her in the throat with an elbow once or twice.

  • skettit Discrimminit

    skettit Discrimminit


    Why did it take the police so long. That's why I don't fuck with em

  • skettit Discrimminit

    skettit Discrimminit


    She was right about the YouTube part

  • Makeout Killl

    Makeout Killl


    I don’t get why they don’t check their bag of food before they leave the restaurant to make sure it’s right or not lol

  • erfho8y



    The guy from 2:45 was having a psychosis. Yea thus is what it look like for some people. Can't remember where I found it but I think I read it somwhere or saw in somekind of analysis video of same sort. But yeah, psychosis is the word...

  • Maurine Salazar

    Maurine Salazar

     2 days ago +1

    I think the guy in the light blue shirt was trying to let them know he is death...... or idk what it could be 😐😩🙃

  • Ray Hoffmann

    Ray Hoffmann

     2 days ago

    The guy at 4:00 is the best.