• Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • When it comes to choosing victims, these theives had the same amount of luck as Ed Esquive bringing knife to the gun fight. Here are 7 theives who messed with wrong people

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    ➽ Armed Robber Gets owned by Marine
    A robber picked the worst store in the state to try and rob as he came face to face with a clerk who just so happened to be a former Marine Corps Combat Instructor and Black Belt in karate. The thief approached the register with a pack of beers and when the clerk turned away, took out a huge blade. But Jacob knock him out in no time.

    ➽ Clerk disarms shotgun wielding man
    Video shows the worker serving two customers as the robber approaches. He can then be seen snatching the shotgun and eventually tearing it away from the attacker, who then turns and flees.
    Police investigating the robber later found that the shotgun was not loaded at the time. An 18-year-old man was taken into custody the following day and has since been charged with attempted armed robbery.

    ➽ Missouri Liquor Store Clerk Pulls gun on Armed Robber
    Jon Lewis Alexander who is a former military man was working at a liquor store when a man walked into the store smoking a cigarette. When Alexander asked the man to take the cigarette back outside, the suspect asked for the money before allegedly pulling out a gun on Alexander who pulled out his own loaded gun in return.

    ➽ MMA fighter subdues burglar
    An alleged burglar picked the wrong house to hit. The San Diego home happened to belong to a professional MMA fighter. The burglary attempt soon ended with the suspect in a choke hold.

    ➽ Mom Asks 911 For Permission To Shoot Intruder
    18-year-old mother Sarah McKinley was alone with her 3-month-old son in their Blanchard home. McKinley says two men armed with a foot-long hunting knife, attempted to break down her door. She grabbed her baby and fetched a 12-gauge shotgun before calling 911. As intruder stepped in her room she shot and killed him on the spot.

    ➽ Homeowner tapes up man for breaking into his home
    Mark Thompson was caught on camera breaking into a home, then making himself at home. But he was caught red handed, ended up in quite a sticky situation when the homeowner found him where he wasn't supposed to be.

    Mugger vs MMA fighter
    A mugger ended up getting a lot more than he bargained for when he picked the wrong victim to rob at gunpoint.
    Bruised and bloodied Anthony Miranda was arrested after attempting to steal money from a six foot two, 250-pounds mixed martial arts expert - who ended up wrenching the loaded gun from his hand after Miranda pointed it at his chest

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    Andrew Cisneros

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    This video sucks dick

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     13 hours ago

    Reminds me of a bank robber who thought it a good idea to hold up a bank across the street from an fbi building on payday. There were four agents in the bank line, all packing, who easily took down the criminal. Or a burglar using a sledgehammer on the rear metal door of a pawn shop. The shop was open at the time and the owner simply grabbed a shotgun, opened the door and dragged the idiot in.

  • Chalupa batman

    Chalupa batman

     14 hours ago

    To everyone saying they feel bad for the Marine having to be a gas station clerk;
    Im sure the guy retired out of the army after being a combat instructor for 20+ years, you can retire in your 40s if you enlist early and get a good mos. Im sure he was doing the job so he wasnt bored out of his mind. I work with 2 guys, ones a retired ceo of canon and the others a retired state trooper captain, both do hme cause theyre bored and sick of working on honey do lists

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    It’s awesome

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    Bam Bam


    Don't you just love fake news? Justin Gaethje is 5' 11", normally around 165-170lbs and fights at 155lbs. He is NOT 6' 2" and 250lbs
    What's next? Collusion? Bribery? Quid pro quo? Obstruction of justice?

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    Liberals want to take your guns. Remember that.

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    I really like them neighbour's

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    Helloooo John Lewis Alexandar! My what quick hands you have. :-)

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    Hated your volume issues. Either too loud or too soft

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    Badass Marine!!!! Yay 😍😍😍

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    That last guy had a can of whoop-ass emptied on him.

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    A pistol packing mama ? This is how absolutely pathetic these news media reporters are. The fucktards don't know the difference between a twelve gauge shotgun and a pistol. Who ever did that should have their teeth kicked out of their shit for brains. That's why I just punch reporters in their shit faces. No not one word. Just a solid punch and hopefully kill them.

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    FUCK YOU IDIOT and your pathetic marketing ads asshole. If I ever get ahold of you. I'll strangle your pencil neck. Fucking pathetic POS

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    And this is the fate of Dewayne Dixon.

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    most amazing!!!

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    Finally someone who pronounced Marine Corps correctly. It isn’t Marine Core as they try to pronounce it. If they want to use French terms then to go France. In English if you put a damned letter “P” in the word you make it part of the word.

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    Its proniunced marine core not marine corps, disregard the spelling