DBXV2: Cac Moving Tail Transformable (100%)Works W/All Transformations SSJ1-2-3-SSG-SSB-SSBE-UI-MUI

  • Published on:  Monday, November 26, 2018
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Gameplay


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    Sorry for no credit and links somehow everything all descriptions removed by mistake. I will try my best to Update asap

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/FFuoY0FmklQ


  • Orion Outcast

    Orion Outcast

     1 months ago

    what mod is this name plz



     1 months ago

    My ssj3 and 4 hair doesnt change when i transform it stays the same and the fur doesnt show up anyone know a fix? ( i have the same hairstyle as shown in this video)

  • ŁűķĕŇvm


     2 months ago

    i want that link ;-;

  • Queen Messi

    Queen Messi

     3 months ago

    How can you install the transformable tail mod? I need help. 🙁

  • Trace_FWD III

    Trace_FWD III

     3 months ago

    All I hear is AHHHHHHHH

  • SCP - 049

    SCP - 049

     4 months ago +2

    I know I'm pretty much a year late, but does this work with SSJ4 transformation? As in, does it add a second tail or just changes the color of the tail?

  • Rosa King

    Rosa King

     4 months ago

    Ok so they can make a moving tail for SSJ4 Goku, Vegeta and Gogeta but not for us and what about the transformations they are perfect why do moders have to clean up behind them

  • Golden Kranic360

    Golden Kranic360

     5 months ago

    I already downloaded it and i have trouble getting in the game

  • PhadedHD


     5 months ago

    For some reason my tail won’t go god color just stay blonde after ssj4

  • Von Krieger

    Von Krieger

     6 months ago

    For me this bugs out my game and wont let me access anything in the game. For example, offline battles PQs ect.

  • Kookie Engine

    Kookie Engine

     6 months ago

    I want dbxb2 modding to come to ps4 that would make my day if someone figured it out.

  • chilled sama dio

    chilled sama dio

     6 months ago

    So is this a mod or does the tails move now

  • Xzayz


     6 months ago

    How you got moving tail

  • Rockey QuapoG

    Rockey QuapoG

     6 months ago

    Fucking PC

  • EnderwaveYT


     7 months ago

    How did u get ssjg and ssjb

  • Rondonian Federation 2.0

    Rondonian Federation 2.0

     7 months ago

    Some way to make the tail only for saiyans? Because I installed it and earthlings get tails too.

  • Lucas Gomes

    Lucas Gomes

     8 months ago

    is it possible to use that on ps4?

  • IAmMugel


     8 months ago

    I need help if possible. Whenever I try to use this mod with custom moves (including Ultra Instinct) it keeps freezing whenever I do anything besides travel around the map. I try to load into a training session, it freezes, Story, it freezes, PQ, freezes there too. Any tips someone please? :(

    Edit: never mind I figured out what I did wrong. I had to install the tail animations in the transformation mod pack. This is so awesome!!! :D

  • Marcos Weverton

    Marcos Weverton

     8 months ago +3

    My tail have animation glitch in the loop of animation

  • Rupok Khan

    Rupok Khan

     9 months ago

    I've a question, what should I do with saiyan tail? Is it just for showpiece? Someone tell me please.