Fasting Is A Way Of Humbling Yourself | #FAST2019 Devotionals With Jentezen Franklin In Israel

  • Published on:  Friday, January 18, 2019
  • "When you were little in your own eyes, you were of great value to me"
    -1 Samuel 15:17

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  • Marie Mirembe

    Marie Mirembe

     2 months ago

    Holy spirit fill me. I humble myself and say NO to Pride. God I give you all the Glory, Honor coz you deserve the praise. From Uganda, East Africa.

  • s g

    s g

     7 months ago

    Glory be to god for the handiwork of this universe. So be it

  • s g

    s g

     7 months ago

    Thank you so enlightening.

  • Ann Murimi

    Ann Murimi

     10 months ago

    Thanks Dad learnt a lot via ua teachings growing strong spiritually have improved my fasting via Holy Spirit thanks to God for you

  • Clarenda Kavezuva

    Clarenda Kavezuva

     10 months ago

    Your heart for God is so contagious, more blessings Pastor

  • Jyoti S

    Jyoti S

     11 months ago

    Such an important topic and teaching. Thank you P. Jentezen.

  • mary mary

    mary mary

     11 months ago

    Lord make me humble n faithful women so that I can serve god very well...pastor uphold me in ur prayer always.

  • Kayla Ortese

    Kayla Ortese

     11 months ago

    Thank you pastor Jentezen Franklin your totally right in this video. I was getting to this point. I saw your video, but I am now believing it is the work of the Holy Spirit. He needed me to hear you.
    May God bless you

  • joan june

    joan june

     11 months ago


  • DeniseB


     a years ago

    And then you need to pray that the guilt you might feel over your mistakes doesnt keep you down. Stomach growling. But I am fasting like its a job.

  • mary ayala

    mary ayala

     a years ago

    Its ok that happens at times ive been through that thanks for fasting for my family may god bless you and your family

  • Tamika B

    Tamika B

     a years ago


  • Dcns Zainie

    Dcns Zainie

     a years ago

    Day 18 My Master Jesus I demand your light of revelation and insight..reveal yourself to me as I joyfully humble myself in this fast.#1000times more blessing

  • Karabo Mbaiwa

    Karabo Mbaiwa

     a years ago

    Amen. That's powerful

  • Grateful Princess of God

    Grateful Princess of God

     a years ago

    This man is a true man of the Lord. May the Lord bless and keep him always. In Jesus' name Amen.

  • Hellen Masia

    Hellen Masia

     a years ago

    I started with you this fast may God bless you man of God and I need your prayers in ministry am a gospel singer praise and worship leader I need a favor. From God .

  • Tifinywalker


     a years ago

    Thank you Pastor Jentzen.. thank u

  • Candy Medina

    Candy Medina

     a years ago


  • Rita Zuniga

    Rita Zuniga

     a years ago

    Amen praise God

  • Chris 77

    Chris 77

     a years ago

    I need you Jesus Christ