Horrifyingly Mysterious Lakes In The World

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 15, 2019
  • Mysterious lakes exist all around the world that will blow your mind. Lets find out about the creepiest mysterious lakes in the world.
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  • Courtney Kemp

    Courtney Kemp

     4 hours ago

    5:50 no it doesn't fill with rain it fills up with melted snow.. im in Oregon and my dad lived in Oregon his whole life and it doesn't fill with rain.. it BARELY rains in Oregon so ty for reading :)

  • Opssi Cassi

    Opssi Cassi

     6 hours ago

    Isn’t the lock ness monsters name Nessie and not Tessie?

  • Edgeperor


     7 hours ago +1

    Did you know that any of these mysterious lakes existed?
    Me, wearing a Lake Tahoe shirt: well...

  • Glen Smith

    Glen Smith

     15 hours ago

    Will never understand the thumbs down "dislikes" on a video like this. What the hell is there to dislike.

  • Bio Hazard

    Bio Hazard


    Wait Tessie so you mean my WHOLE life i called it Nessie??

  • Lodikai Nightmare

    Lodikai Nightmare


    Its Nessie with a N not a t

  • Jay M

    Jay M


    9:27 Did that volcano smoke seriously had a lightning bolt in it? Someone who remembers science from High School please explain.

  • Bayton Goh

    Bayton Goh


    i thought the explosion crater was made from world war 2 after someone dropped a bomb there but created a crater

  • TeaberWilson



    I would not go to any of those places

  • comet colour

    comet colour


    Lake : Hey, I am "Mysterious Lake"
    Others : What's mysterious in you?
    Lake : My name.
    Others : 😮😮 I quit.

  • Tyra McClease

    Tyra McClease


    Do you know why the Stinky Lake stink?

  • Niko Weirdo

    Niko Weirdo

     2 days ago

    I already fear lakes so let’s be ‘smart’ and watch this so I will never be able to go in a lake again! Yay!

  • 33Orpha Boone

    33Orpha Boone

     2 days ago +1

    I thought the lockness monster’s nock name was Nessie

    But it might be tessie might be right bc people are constantly giving it different nicknames so that could be one of the few

  • DaeGiTron


     2 days ago

    "A unique beast named Tessie"


  • Marc


     2 days ago

    1:45 sounds like Travis

  • KTMracer118J


     2 days ago

    there is no under ground tunnel going from lake tahoe to pyramid have you ever heard of the truckee river yeah it goes from tahoe to pyramid. learn your facts before you make a video with fake facts

  • Francis Heredia

    Francis Heredia

     2 days ago

    nessie not tessie

  • jason c

    jason c

     2 days ago


  • Charlotte Skiftun

    Charlotte Skiftun

     2 days ago

    Never listed basin lake sask.

  • Jeremiah Peterson

    Jeremiah Peterson

     3 days ago

    glory hole is not the right word buddy