Dierks Bentley- DBTV- Downtown



  • Gloria Jones

    Gloria Jones

     11 months ago


  • Gloria Jones

    Gloria Jones

     a years ago

    Where is that

  • Natalia Stornello

    Natalia Stornello

     a years ago +1

    I’m LITERALLY laughing out loud!!

  • Lori Updegraff

    Lori Updegraff

     a years ago

    Load in load out ha ha that's funny!!!

  • Jane Zatorski

    Jane Zatorski

     a years ago

    I just discovered DBTV and I’m loving it.

  • Rahat Huda

    Rahat Huda

     7 years ago

    Nashville looks like NY except cuter

  • robert manis

    robert manis

     8 years ago

    haha... Hey when hot ass bartender suggest you sit down and have a beer and some food, what else are you to do other than obey?..lol.

  • Fred Jarvis

    Fred Jarvis

     8 years ago

    You're the best , easy come easy go, no bullshit , just down to earth with a simple Bud Light at the Roberts with famous Big White !

    Cheers !

  • dadzup2l8


     8 years ago

    Was just in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. Great place. I'm really digging the beard, DB. Don't shave it! Fun little video; thanks for sharing.

  • 27lisalisa


     9 years ago

    I love this video!

  • Tim's Train & Ghostbox Channel

    Tim's Train & Ghostbox Channel

     9 years ago

    Hey Dierks i like your beard it looks good on you.

  • Elizabeth LeVan

    Elizabeth LeVan

     9 years ago

    "Load in and load out. Really quick." HAHAHA Better luck next time!

  • SweetCaroline14


     9 years ago

    such a lovable goof

  • BoyNamedSue4


     9 years ago

    @eener66 does he need two?

  • Regina Moore

    Regina Moore

     9 years ago

    Dierks= Dreamy. You may have my last name anytime :)
    A girl can dream....

  • daddytech


     9 years ago

    that kind of looked like Cadillac ranch for a second there.