The Power of Prayer | Pastor Jentezen Franklin

  • Published on:  Thursday, October 25, 2018
  • The Power of Prayer - Live from Free Chapel at our Midweek service with Pastor Jentezen Franklin.

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  • Brenda Blackwell

    Brenda Blackwell

     7 hours ago

    Praise the Lord, Pastor , Franklin , you are truly called by God, God gives you great Revelations , like the time I heard you speck when God open your eyes to Acts 2 : 38 for it is a must to be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God...God bless you and you family my prayers are with you

  • BETH N

    BETH N


    Is it just me who gets blessed by this pastor? I find myself listening to his sermons any time of the day and night. Thank you Man of God for opening my eyes. I have become more prayerful and have learned a lot on prayer and fasting. I take all my worries, fears, disappointments and wins to God. What a Friend we have in Jesus, Take your burden to the LORD and leave it there. AMEN AMEN AMEN.

  • mai2 neomis

    mai2 neomis

     2 days ago

    Im so blessed while watching thnx be to GOD TO THE HIGHEST..PRAISE THE LORD..

  • Agnes Kasisi

    Agnes Kasisi

     3 days ago

    only i knew him today and i feel the tongue matched mind and his spirit is that of God. he is power filled pastor.

  • Markapa Alice

    Markapa Alice

     3 days ago


  • Kweku Anddy

    Kweku Anddy

     3 days ago

    Gloryyyyyy Hallelujah ❤❤🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏💯

  • Rhonda Shaffer

    Rhonda Shaffer

     5 days ago

    This was powerful, i prayed with u thank u Jesus

  • pam clark

    pam clark

     5 days ago

    Your mom is awesome.

  • pam clark

    pam clark

     5 days ago

    This was a awesome service. The spirit came down. I was so blessed.

  • faith njeri

    faith njeri

     5 days ago

    OMG!!! What a mighty presence of the Lord in my room,on my bed this morning here in Kenya (Ruiru)What a groaning in the presence of on my 10th day of prayers and fasting,God has spoken to me through the servant of God.. it's only in prayers God will make me, Jesus was praying even when he was about to be baptized!! I really don't know this preacher, I told God I want to pray, I went to YouTube and I got him,then click...what amazing God we serve,The Holy Ghost doesn't know distance, I prayed together with you as a church as if I was there with you......May the Lord bless this ministry.
    Am Faith Njeri... from Kenya

  • Hellen Rugani

    Hellen Rugani

     6 days ago

    Wow👏👏i have never taken time to listen to this Man of God but i was searching for fasting sermons and he kept popping up and my God am so Blessed. This is raw gospel and worship in real truth and spirit. I am in SA and really this is the kind of Ministry i yearn. No gimmicks and it is all about Jesus. May God help me to visit this Ministry one day. I am so connected. Worshipping our Lord and just interceding.

  • Blood Of Jesus

    Blood Of Jesus

     7 days ago

    Beautiful service. God bless pastor jentezen and his church.

  • Christal Jaya

    Christal Jaya

     7 days ago

    I live in India. I like this message

  • Sincerely K. Roseline

    Sincerely K. Roseline

     7 days ago

    Amen 🙏

  • Pastor John

    Pastor John

     7 days ago

    Please do update me with latest sermon

  • naturally gifted

    naturally gifted

     7 days ago

    I believe in speaking in another tongue. When The Holy Spirit empowers someone He give them utterance to speak in an unknown tongue. However it sounds like most people praying in tongues have it all rehearsed. And almost everyone seem to be saying the same thing. But God...

  • naturally gifted

    naturally gifted

     7 days ago

    I believe prayer in its original intent was praise, worship, and thanksgiving= always connected and being one in the spirit with The Trinity.

  • Myles Ngoma

    Myles Ngoma

     7 days ago

    AMEN mum. powerful I was young and now am old, I have never seen children of the righteous begging bread.

  • Tris Niangti

    Tris Niangti

     7 days ago

    Thanks for a teaching
    About fasting God
    Bless u

  • Elizabeth Rayburn

    Elizabeth Rayburn

     7 days ago

    Wow love you lord Amen 🙏