Try Not To Laugh - Funny Videos 2019 - She Can't Do By Herself

  • Published on:  Friday, November 29, 2019
  • Try Not To Laugh - Funny Videos 2019 - She Can't Do By Herself

    Heads up, folks. You're about to watch some craziest fails video on the internet.
    Welcome back to Life Awesome, where you can find the best, the funniest fail videos in the world. This video will contain some funny videos 2019 from AFV. Enjoy the video, and comment what you like the most. Life Awesome loves you.

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  • John Scott

    John Scott

     16 hours ago +1

    Oh my god is she alright

  • Vania Martinez

    Vania Martinez

     3 days ago

    It’s so funny

  • Amy Poray

    Amy Poray

     3 days ago +2

    So funny

  • game reaper x

    game reaper x

     6 days ago

    None of this shit is even funny

  • Fan Birgit Maas Idol Birgit Maas

    Fan Birgit Maas Idol Birgit Maas

     6 days ago


  • Kidstv


     7 days ago

    very very good
    very very nice

  • DamageMaximo


     7 days ago

    nothing even close to funny

  • Gabby Gamer

    Gabby Gamer

     7 days ago


  • encore Jehoshaphat

    encore Jehoshaphat

     7 days ago

    This video shows why being fat is a disadvantage 😂😂

  • Rich Torum

    Rich Torum

     7 days ago

    Okay so the formula of every single clip is ‘x person falls/hits into something, other person makes a remark/laughs’ how bland do you have to be?

  • Martha Quinn

    Martha Quinn

     7 days ago +1

    I also laughed at the part at the end where they said “OH GOD”

  • terri ha

    terri ha

     7 days ago

    Im like bruh

  • terri ha

    terri ha

     7 days ago

    AM I REAL?!

  • Aidan McAfee

    Aidan McAfee

     7 days ago


  • kis öcskös

    kis öcskös

     7 days ago


  • Merlin baiamonte

    Merlin baiamonte

     7 days ago +2

    unfunniest thing i ever saw

  • Muhammad Irfan bhatti

    Muhammad Irfan bhatti

     7 days ago

    I didn't laugh

  • Lukas Wagner

    Lukas Wagner

     7 days ago

    I love your channel👍💞

  • Kaea Parker

    Kaea Parker

     7 days ago +1

    3:27 platform nine and three quarters

  • Retta Holland

    Retta Holland

     7 days ago +2

    And I oop