The Transitional Place | Jentezen Franklin

  • Published on:  Saturday, November 24, 2018
  • Change can be scary, but it’s often God’s plan. In a place of transition, we can choose to approach the changes with fear and resistance or we can choose to embrace it as part of God’s ultimate purpose and plan for our lives…

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  • Melinda Murphy

    Melinda Murphy

     2 months ago


  • Kimberly Hortz

    Kimberly Hortz

     3 months ago

    Right now I am asking for help from God to help me to restore what the enemy has stolen. If you will pray for my family.

  • Bobbie Williams

    Bobbie Williams

     6 months ago

    Very timely for me. l am in transition at this very moment. l listen to this message over, and over and over again. lt is very encourageing.

  • Olympia Sanchez

    Olympia Sanchez

     8 months ago


  • Mike Elicano

    Mike Elicano

     8 months ago

    Your message is really timely. My wife and I was called to a province(Puerto Princesa, Palawan) to adapt a church. Everything is new to us, and we are in a transition state. I appreciate the message so much. May God continually bless your family, your ministry and your country. Pastor Raul Elicano here from the Philippines 🇵🇭.

  • Tifinywalker


     11 months ago

    Amen!! His name is Jesus the living God no other name!!!! Worship!! Stay in his presence for a while.!!!

  • Karen Wangari

    Karen Wangari

     11 months ago

    Glad I have found this man's teachings.My 2019 is richer thanks to his teaching.Points you right to Christ.God bless you and your family Jentezen Franklin.

  • Tamika B

    Tamika B

     a years ago


  • Peres Heisig

    Peres Heisig

     a years ago +2

    Pastor Thank you for the preaching Listen Today Iam filled with so much Joy, Now God Feed isreal people in the Wilderness Now they Cross the Ocean the Water was devided and God Feed them wirh the manner Fromme Heaven there shoes or clothes Never Ton how Great is our Lord he is Mighty in Power Mighty in Love he is a jeals God God of Moses God of joshua there is no other God besheed him
    Thank you Pastor Pray for my Shoulder i believe God of Moses God isreal God joshua will heal me when we join prayer his Miracles will Take Place on Healing my Shoulder Thank for the wonderful preaching i Love it
    May God of habraham be with you
    Thank you so much for blessing many people with your preaching
    God bless you too

  • Sharmain Benton

    Sharmain Benton

     a years ago

    I love this message

  • cholo King

    cholo King

     a years ago


  • Blue Blue

    Blue Blue

     a years ago

    Yes got to go forward got to break through !!! Crossing over

  • Pharaoh Tut

    Pharaoh Tut

     a years ago

    Amen, thank you pastor for assisting my move to higher ground, in Jesus name!! 👍🙏👼

  • Zipporah Nambwa

    Zipporah Nambwa

     a years ago

    Thank you so much for this sermon, so timely for me. The place of transition- I just read this scripture today morning and bumped into this sermon, I receive it with humility and great expectation.

  • JohnLWheaton1


     a years ago

    "Worship sets us up for the transition"

  • Aprill Harmon

    Aprill Harmon

     a years ago

    Living witness!

  • Tony Parry

    Tony Parry

     a years ago

    "What you get out of your Christian walk is not up to God..."

    I believe I know what Franklin means (i.e. God will enable you, but not force you to walk by faith, etc), but some may misinterpret that.. especially in the day of the Prosperity Gospel.

  • Tony Parry

    Tony Parry

     a years ago


  • Adeline Proverbs31

    Adeline Proverbs31

     a years ago

    This message is not for everybody. Not everyone is meant to fit in, or walk with people.

  • Cassandra Ametefe-Davis

    Cassandra Ametefe-Davis

     a years ago