Best Of Fails 2015 Part 7 (Best Fails/Wins of the year!)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 16, 2016
  • Best Of Fails 2015 Part 7 (Best Fails/Wins of the year!)
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  • John Wilson

    John Wilson

     17 hours ago

    Women scream at the most retarded s***

  • John Wilson

    John Wilson

     18 hours ago

    The penis coming out of the clay pot with the Indian guy is unnecessary

  • Fresh Northwest

    Fresh Northwest

     19 hours ago

    u gotta be a real dumbass to drive your car away when a pickup truck has it already hoisted up... Now u got added criminal charges and u have to pay for any and all damages to the truck. Dont buy a ride u cant afford.

  • Traci Forsythe

    Traci Forsythe


    Who actually finds it funny for a man to attack another car with a hatchet or a gun. Don't find it funny in the slightest. Wish it had been an unmarked police car

  • zeldagoblin


     2 days ago

    Stop poking that baby

  • Logistics Sdp

    Logistics Sdp

     3 days ago

    17:51 E P I C

  • anselmi apina

    anselmi apina

     6 days ago

    9:27 Man has everything that one needs

  • flutterby


     7 days ago

    Waaaiiit...that bitch left her baby lol...

  • Kota Fox

    Kota Fox

     7 days ago

    whats going on with 10:45? he just tapped the car for some reason

  • Kellianne Lowe

    Kellianne Lowe

     7 days ago

    2020 and I'm still here lol

  • olsnake1


     7 days ago

    СЛИШКОМ обрезанные видео, а так то хорошие подборки.

  • HoloxFauxFecs


     7 days ago

    1:04 I'll tell you what that is, it's the dirtiest kitchen floor in that part of the world!
    The grime on that floor created that bug by the way.

  • Davina Test

    Davina Test

     7 days ago

    Some of these are just sad

  • Mauve Ferret

    Mauve Ferret

     7 days ago

    47:25 Eww. No. Fuck. Gross. Noe.

    48:55 Wot the bloody fuck is that?

  • Nick Finan

    Nick Finan

     14 days ago +1

    56:06 what is that useless thing making all the noise here? Drives you mad when you hear someone laughing watching people struggling. Hope her lips fall off.

  • Tree House

    Tree House

     14 days ago

    15:46 No way the big fish didn't die from bloat.

  • thomas


     14 days ago

    Kid doing push of on long neck bottle. He will keep on doing and and gaining weight, until then one day it breaks then hand or feet will fall on broken bottle. Then they ask why. Dope head

  • Bobs Youruncle

    Bobs Youruncle

     14 days ago

    I don't think people hurting themselves is funny, no matter how stupid they are. And drunks are not funny, they are pathetic.

  • wasyl6611


     14 days ago

    1:05:35 where Goes the shadow of the guy????

  • Morticia Adams

    Morticia Adams

     14 days ago

    1:06:27 that kid is having an asthma attack! Hello!?!