Vegeta New Form (SSB Full Power) | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

  • Published on:  Sunday, January 14, 2018
  • SSGSS Evolution Vegeta New Transformation Mod (Xenoverse 2 Mods)

    Music By: Friedrich Habetler Music

    Mods Used ► Super Saiyan Blue Full Power Vegeta (ItzSenzu)

    Jiren (jwp)

    Transformation animation mod by SK007


    Two Handed Final Shine Attack (GoodorBadAsh)

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    Limit Breaker Vegeta (Dragon Ball Super Mod)
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  • yeetness the greater

    yeetness the greater

     6 months ago

    Why isnt he buff

  • Hanokai Rx8

    Hanokai Rx8

     6 months ago

    Its called ssgss evolution.

  • Luke The proud sayain warrior

    Luke The proud sayain warrior

     9 months ago +1

    Is this a dlc ?

  • ×∆HeavyBøy∆×


     a years ago


  • Derrick Kelly

    Derrick Kelly

     a years ago

    Sonic referenced?

  • Gamer Alike

    Gamer Alike

     a years ago

    That’s looks so fucking good

  • Marquise Rogers

    Marquise Rogers

     a years ago

    Man I want the gamma-burst-Flash

  • StoRmzz815


     a years ago

    I call this ssb2

  • Goku8741


     a years ago

    Eso es un Mod?

  • L I L O U T X A S T X XX

    L I L O U T X A S T X XX

     a years ago

    Vegeta is stronger than goku if vegeta hadn’t fought toppo and used up all of his energy he would’ve kicked Jirens ass

  • I’m the Goat

    I’m the Goat

     a years ago

    Hate modding. It can be boring and then you wonder why you can't beat the game.

  • Derek Marrero

    Derek Marrero

     a years ago

    And what pack is that

  • MaskCrusher 05

    MaskCrusher 05

     a years ago

    Jiren gets eliminated by vegeta 1:19

  • Jordmac Az

    Jordmac Az

     a years ago

    0:17 That Lightning is dope

  • •Yuukio•


     a years ago

    The title is quite clickbait you should have atleast put mods in it Xd

  • Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez

     a years ago

    Do goku and vegeta fight the same in the games??? Like can you notice it?

  • Lord Omega

    Lord Omega

     a years ago +2

    Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolution

  • Behold the face of a god

    Behold the face of a god

     a years ago

    I call it super saiyan blue evolution,ultra blue or ascended super saiyan blue

  • Black Gohan

    Black Gohan

     a years ago

    What's next super sayian green?

  • DirKoin


     a years ago

    eyes are not kawaii enough