ALL Super Attacks In DLC 6 And How To Unlock | Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 6 Showcase

  • Published on:  Saturday, March 3, 2018
  • Every move you can get in DLC 6 and how to unlock them.
    You can not get Ultra Instinct Goku's Moves
    All of Android 17's Moves 0:07
    All of Jiren's Moves 1:25
    All of Fu's moves 3:41

    Ultra Instinct Goku has some of the coolest looking moves buy unfortunately custom created characters can not unlock them or use them.
    Instead we will jump into the rest of the DLC 6 crew and their Supers and Ultimates where I try my best to fully explain them to you and convince you that these are all worth unlocking and picking up.

    Dragonball Super - Theme of Android 17 (HQ Recreation) By Pokemixr92

    Dragon Ball Super - Jiren's Wrath | Epic Rock Cover By
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    Dragonball Super - Theme of Jiren (HQ Cover) By Pokemixr92

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  • TSO Zer0

    TSO Zer0

     7 days ago

    I like the Ultra Instinct dodge

  • Jahlil Williams

    Jahlil Williams

     14 days ago

    I love Bower Rush it awesome 2:46

  • Dabkill3r03 King

    Dabkill3r03 King

     2 months ago

    Which doc pack gives you meditation

  • Andy _PlayZz

    Andy _PlayZz

     2 months ago

    My ki bar is 7 max can I still use power rush? (Because I cant change it)

  • Linus G

    Linus G

     3 months ago

    watching this back a year later does anyone notice that power impact looks like a shot put being thrown?

  • Rokechi Kan

    Rokechi Kan

     4 months ago

    SSB Goku: KAIO-
    Me: Remote Serious Bomb, shut your ass up bitch
    SSB Goku: WhAt?

  • Kakyoin Requiem

    Kakyoin Requiem

     4 months ago

    ....................what's a good substitute for soaring fists?

  • Daneisplayin ok

    Daneisplayin ok

     5 months ago

    This makes me determined to get them even more

  • xDeathxRowxEL OG EL.

    xDeathxRowxEL OG EL.

     6 months ago

    Dude you dont even explain how to get the super attacks you're basically just showcasing it.

  • The true Gamer

    The true Gamer

     6 months ago

    Anyone else notice him call power rush bower rush at one point. Nice little reference to seereax

  • Roblx Hack3r

    Roblx Hack3r

     7 months ago

    How get dlcs?

  • Wolfy Ace

    Wolfy Ace

     7 months ago

    Try to first meditación then ssj3 then power rush, it is just an insane instant kill



     8 months ago +1

    I don't believe this is already a year old

  • Neal Hampton

    Neal Hampton

     10 months ago

    Bower rush

  • destroierayan !!!!

    destroierayan !!!!

     10 months ago

    New challenge if ur on iPad or iPhone press middle but let it speak



     10 months ago +1

    Hey steedoj how do you unlock Koreans moves? I’m new to the game, you’re the channel that got me started on it lol

  • Chilly Banana

    Chilly Banana

     10 months ago

    3 rain is trash for me

  • MVReaper_XL


     11 months ago

    That Guard must be better then super guard

  • GodlyGamers


     11 months ago

    2:48 what the hell is Bower rush??

  • Stefan Albu

    Stefan Albu

     a years ago

    The power rush would do more damage if you combined others with limit burst ATK up