DBXV2:Kefla-Hit-Champa-Vados-Cabba Special Quotes

  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018
  • Now that DLC Pack 7 has released, I figured I'd just do a big video of all the special quotes/dialogue of the Universe 6 Team and characters. These include interactions with

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/6iDteLdi9d4


  • Janemba8000


     a years ago +164

    Kefla's Quotes start at 6:40. I've heard that Kefla apparently has an interaction with Vegito in a new PQ. I'll have to upload those interactions separately, as they are PQ exclusive and don't trigger in VS mode.

  • yinyangdragonx


     4 months ago +2

    Just who the hell do you think I am!? I’m Kamina, the badass God of Destruction of Team Dai Gurren

  • Kelvin Issac

    Kelvin Issac

     8 months ago

    What about new broly?

  • I A M D A N C I N

    I A M D A N C I N

     8 months ago

    i wanna be tracer

  • Skyten The knight

    Skyten The knight

     10 months ago

    I can notice ffxv music XD. I know just about everyone

  • Grabsackweednut God

    Grabsackweednut God

     10 months ago

    These are fake

  • Kandy Boy

    Kandy Boy

     11 months ago

    Shouldn't frost be shitting himself in front of Kefla?

  • Wavyy-Vibezz - Brawl Stars

    Wavyy-Vibezz - Brawl Stars

     11 months ago

    Kefla Damn it feels good to be a gangst- I mean saiyan

  • LittleAl016


     11 months ago

    8:04 Sorry, Champa. But your Kamina impression is weak sauce.

  • Frantic Xpert

    Frantic Xpert

     11 months ago

    Kefla: Damn it feels good to be a saiyan

    Meme: Damn it feels good to be a gangster

  • henzo gamer superHD

    henzo gamer superHD

     a years ago

    what what a fuck

  • Kenzie


     a years ago

    if goku, vegeta, and broly are the main characters (we all know broly is gonna become one) and frieza is the main villain then caulifla, cabba, and kale are universes 6 main characters and frost is the main villain, now i want a new anime like that

  • Franklin Feliz

    Franklin Feliz

     a years ago

    Kefla: damn it feels good to be a gangsta- i mean Saiyan

  • Bawskee Catalyst

    Bawskee Catalyst

     a years ago

    0:29 exercise 👀

  • Isaiah Chin

    Isaiah Chin

     a years ago

    D#mn it feels good to be a Saiyan/gangster

  • Johny Ventura

    Johny Ventura

     a years ago

    Broly vs kefla would be berserk

  • SqUIdwErd OnWERD

    SqUIdwErd OnWERD

     a years ago

    why don’t you mind your own damn business

    Champa look at ya self what do u see

  • Tato Ayanami

    Tato Ayanami

     a years ago

    Damn ut feels good to be a ~Ganster~ Saiyan

  • Tenno Shenaniganizer

    Tenno Shenaniganizer

     a years ago

    I think Kefla's voice is perfect

  • Hanson Lim

    Hanson Lim

     a years ago

    8:28 is why Vegeta's my favorite character lmao.