Russian Roads Worst Roads In The World - Accidente Rusia TOP 5

  • Published on:  Sunday, November 19, 2017
  • Worst drivers in US

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  • Corrado Parris

    Corrado Parris

     5 hours ago

    Welcome to the Donald Trump driving school

  • Tom Lyon

    Tom Lyon

     5 hours ago

    Holy s... and what the f... must be new Russian dialects.

  • Paul Mitchell

    Paul Mitchell

     7 hours ago

    Holy f~ck!....Driving in Eastern Europe is like driving in a mass destruction derby....Think i'd get a T80 tank as a rental if i ever have to drive over there! lol

  • Александр Великий

    Александр Великий

     8 hours ago

    12:44 заговор двух жигулей одной и той же модели. - Ти дауай пападай у ауарий, а йя пакажю киляс. ихи?

  • Вася Видящий

    Вася Видящий

     8 hours ago

    Ты чо, а? Рамсы попутал? Ты, что не знаешь, что надо блатным уступать дорогу?

  • Never Lucky m8

    Never Lucky m8

     9 hours ago

    Sorry for bad English, not professional translations.
    0:07 UAZ only needed one light hospital.
    0:27 The grey skipped the red. The Lada went to heaven. The culprit went to a medium hospital. 70 km/h.
    0:37 [Mercedes side so vehicles can see behind. Nice.] Since the author slept, he went to heaven with his passenger. The oncoming only needed a medium hospital. 70 km/h and 80 km/h.
    0:52 Kingdom of Thailand. The driver survived.
    1:01 United States of America.
    1:12 United States of America.
    1:26 Stayed in the blind spot. Orange truck could not see, he is not at fault.
    1:40 Republic of Korea. Kia is at fault.
    1:53 Hyundai sleeps, he is found guilty for provoking the crash.
    2:05 The Toyota does not yield for the blue truck.
    2:17 City of Sochi, Krasnodar Krai. The blue vehicle said to use signal turning left. There was no one in front, and a solid white line. He is the culprit.
    2:28 He sped.
    2:39 United States of America. No information.
    2:48 Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Chevrolet truck at fault.
    2:59 Opel. The author undertakes.
    3:07 Rostov-Na-Donu.
    3:55 Sevastapol', Krim. The Lada was made in 2016, this is why it does not have a the Ukraine federal plate.
    4:33 Author does not brake. 2 went to their graves.
    4:42 Northern District, Republic of China. The culprit stopped.
    4:52 The Nissan is the culprit. United States of America.
    5:06 Slide on the ice.
    5:32 Takau City, Republic of China. Honda is not the culprit.
    6:05 The black Lada skipped his red. As a result, he went to a medium hospital.
    6:25 Stavropol' Krai.
    6:59 The culprit was only 22. Moskva Oblast.
    7:52 The Scenic overtook on ice. As a result, her passenger went to a hard hospital.
    8:12 State of Maryland.
    8:24 No information.
    8:37 Vologda Oblast.
    8:47 Leningrad Oblast.
    8:58 Ford sent one in the wagon to heaven.
    9:22 Rostov-Na-Donu.
    9:52 Author speeds at 70 km/h in 40-zone.
    10:04 UA.
    10:14 The culprit sent one in Lada to heaven.
    11:05 Author had right. White sped after red.
    11:30 Drunk.
    11:58 UA.
    12:10 Caught after a month.
    12:22 Culprit sent to death.
    12:45 [Super Lada brakes in background]. Driver does not survive.
    13:11 Peugeot goes to hard hospital.
    13:18 Republic of Korea.
    13:38 No information.

  • Patrik Malory

    Patrik Malory

     12 hours ago

    06:30 Random Deer spawn lol :D

  • idrobinhood


     16 hours ago

    As always wear helmets and action cams on the helmets while driving normally in Russia.

  • Aidan Morris

    Aidan Morris

     18 hours ago

    In America, you crash car.
    In Mother Russia, you crash shitty driver.

  • James Richardson

    James Richardson

     21 hours ago

    It's like they're always looking for the ones with the cameras. And some of the ones with cameras tell on themselves.

  • axios12


     21 hours ago

    Compare the russian witness who started running away from the accident with the two american guys who sped up and went to check the survivor and call 911

  • axios12


     21 hours ago

    You can always make difference which one is the communist sh^it.

  • Thon1218


     22 hours ago

    Russian auto insurance is provided by, No Brakes & Vodka LLC.

  • Jacob Rudder

    Jacob Rudder


    Hell of a lot of American plates and street signs in Russia.

  • Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels


    Thats a pen all day long

  • hlb53



    Reminds me of central Florida.Same kind of drivers.

  • The Devil

    The Devil


    Everyone seems like there going 150 are there no speed limits in Russia?

  • Surgeon DARK

    Surgeon DARK


    Тут половина аварий близко не Раша!

  • Völl Däpp

    Völl Däpp


    The Russian Roads are SO BAD, that they even cause accidents in the USA and Asian countries, right?

  • Low Tech

    Low Tech


    I never knew there were so many people behind the wheel without a brain.