DLC Pack 8 RELEASE DATE I Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 RELEASE DATE TBA

  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 23, 2018
  • DLC Pack 8 RELEASE DATE I Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 DLC 8 RELEASE DATE TBA

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/5v6Dm0Lhi3Y




     a years ago +19

    Can we get 509 likes on this video??? 😁

  • XXB00tYL0rD69


     a years ago

    poor naive bastard

  • Grive Bulbs

    Grive Bulbs

     a years ago

    You made us wait six minutes through this annoying video just to say “December.” I will nut on your face.

  • Grive Bulbs

    Grive Bulbs

     a years ago

    I disliked when he said dab on those haters.

  • supreme_ mazyed

    supreme_ mazyed

     a years ago

    I wish we could use all transformation at once like ssj ssj2 ssj3 ssgss. Like if u agree

  • Andrew stephen

    Andrew stephen

     a years ago

    Is this just another one of those what ifs and guessed time ranges for the actual release cuz if so then you’re robbing me of my time

  • Edward Teddy Morris

    Edward Teddy Morris

     a years ago

    I'm late but just hearing about this now this is awesome. Thanks for giving the news this got me pumped!

  • Patriota Italiano

    Patriota Italiano

     a years ago

    What is this version of "the final battle" ? Is beautiful...

  • shoval moshe

    shoval moshe

     a years ago

    Are you OK man?!?!

  • DragonGod Aaron

    DragonGod Aaron

     a years ago

    Please tell me this DLC is for the PS4 as well?

  • I own You now. Like it.

    I own You now. Like it.

     a years ago

    When are they going to make it towhere we can get the potential to unlock berserk form. Like we have to beat all the characters on a time limit like pq 121. Not nothing easy, just give us something we will actually do



     a years ago

    Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta appears in the movie. The power scaling is crap, because Goku and Vegeta were getting DESTROYED by Broly in the trailer, but Gogeta comes in and beats Broly up. THE HELL IS THIS?

  • RageToExistence


     a years ago

    When is dlc 8 release date?

  • XxNDGDavidxX


     a years ago

    Imagine MUI Vegito For DLC 8

  • Greg Crockett

    Greg Crockett

     a years ago

    YES YES YES... I can't wait... Love the vid bruh✊

  • MrObrien01


     a years ago

    I heard DLC Pack 8 is coming January 31st 2019!!!

  • ann anderson

    ann anderson

     a years ago

    That is awesome I can't wait for the next one too ascended blue Vegeta and I think Toppo

  • Philociraptor 13

    Philociraptor 13

     a years ago

    I really hope they don’t give Broly and Gogeta Blue very little health to where they can get knocked out easily like they did with ultra instinct Goku

  • Asch


     a years ago

    And all the crap they can add still no animated Saiyan tails

  • Yung Glo

    Yung Glo

     a years ago

    Would be cool if We got the fighting style of What Master We Are Training under (Master :Bojack, U have gained bojacks fighting style For your CAC!!)