NEW HARDEST QUEST! STRONGEST CaC Buuzer Omni SSJ5 VS "Revolution Of Universe 7"! DB Xenoverse 2 Mods

  • Published on:  Friday, February 22, 2019
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    -------------------------------- INFO --------------------------------
    Mods available only for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 PC Version!

    Added Custom PQ: Revolution of Universe 7 [X2M] Mod:

    CaC Mods (Buuzer):
    Armor Set:
    God Mode Super Soul (Super Armor, Auto-Dodge, Infinite Stats) made by Buuzer (Me)
    Omni Super Saiyan 5 (Super Saiyan 5 for CaC) Mod:
    Elina’s Movesets for CaC (SYM, SYF, HUF, HUM, MAF, FRI) Mod:
    Super Ki Explosion Replacer Alpha (I Broke Everything Edition) Skill Mod:
    Darkness Absolute Storm (Absolute Storm) Skill from Omni-King Zamasu Mod:
    Vadowa Skills for Cac Mod:
    Animated Saiyan Tail Accessory for SYM and SYF Mod:

    New Transformations (Added Skills) Lazybone's Aura Mod:
    Azura’s Aura Pack Mod:
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  • GOWBuuzer


     9 months ago +335

    I'm seeing a lot of people hating my CaC Buuzer lately, even insulting me personally... Emmm... Guys, you know, right, that I never said that I'm the strongest player? So what's the problem?
    The "STRONGEST CaC" title is a just a funny thing that I gave to my OC because he was born with the purpose of being OP, I've even given him a story to make it more "legit". Buuzer is a character made just for fun, people loved him and then I started to make him even more edgier and bizarre.
    That's the whole point of XV2 after all, create your character and story (on PC, with mods, you can literally do anything).
    But oh well... people loves to hate, If we hate in real life, It becomes more easier to hate online, even about videogames.
    #ZamasuDidNothingWrong #ZeroNingenPlan

  • Herm C Gamez A Lot

    Herm C Gamez A Lot


    Your vids are cool like there cool

  • Aiden Bolinsky

    Aiden Bolinsky

     3 days ago


    Frieza: (transforms)
    Game Chat: (It says Golden Frieza)
    Me: ``But that's his Xeno Form!``

  • Alpha Nickgamingttv

    Alpha Nickgamingttv

     7 days ago

    Whis basically just said xeno can erease heaven and hell

  • some ramdom fucking idiot

    some ramdom fucking idiot

     7 days ago



  • Justin Wiley

    Justin Wiley

     7 days ago +1

    Bro your cac is op he is strong

  • ps4gamerrulez 5

    ps4gamerrulez 5

     7 days ago

    Goku at one hp: Stop destroying my world buuzer did do anything

  • Demi puggo

    Demi puggo

     14 days ago +1

    Imagine Buuzer being your dad....

    Kinda wishing for that

  • Zahira Estrada

    Zahira Estrada

     14 days ago

    What level are you on and also how do get ultra instinct for your character? And what attacks do you have?

  • Antonio Palumbo

    Antonio Palumbo

     28 days ago +1

    Devi. Arrivare. A. Z. Colpi

  • Randall Mims

    Randall Mims

     a months ago

    That aura is amazing, that strength, I don't see the problems either

  • Dat Phan

    Dat Phan

     a months ago

    = Undertale reference

  • Anime A M V

    Anime A M V

     a months ago

    Is the quest a mod or real?

  • Goku Jr

    Goku Jr

     a months ago

    Omni king of saiyans I'm the strongest Buzzer one shots omni king of saiyans

  • Leroy Scott

    Leroy Scott

     a months ago

    How please show with an tutorial to get mods like that on ps4 please

  • khim7331


     2 months ago

    Goku mui + Buuzer Omni ssj5 fight = Insane Fight

  • Alexandre Slhessarenko

    Alexandre Slhessarenko

     2 months ago

    You are so strong

  • E314


     2 months ago

    not really fun if your immortal

  • Full Power Lord Beerus

    Full Power Lord Beerus

     2 months ago +1

    pause were you were at. and then go to this. 14:06 vegeta just got a hit.

  • kiminose


     3 months ago

    what s the ost against ultra instinct ?