"How to Be an Overcomer" with Jentezen Franklin



  • Juliet Julio

    Juliet Julio

     3 days ago

    Paster J.Franklin thank you l assure you my prayers also.

  • Nakayenze jane

    Nakayenze jane

     5 months ago +2

    How I wish to see pastor Jentezen physically, am watching from Saudi Arabia and your sermons have really changed my life spiritually for better.

  • David Shaw

    David Shaw

     5 months ago

    Straight up, solid, truthful, honest, preaching

  • Lester Sales

    Lester Sales

     6 months ago +3

    Who's watching this for 2019?

  • 24/7 Melodies

    24/7 Melodies

     10 months ago +1


  • Sylvia Gregory

    Sylvia Gregory

     a years ago +3

    I agree with this Teaching wonderful, thank you Pastor Jentezen Franklin, am learning and growing, walking in Faith, after this program How to be an Overcomer, I am going to put it into practice, in Jesus name amen, for God so loved the world he send his only son, and whosoever believes will not Perish, they shall have Eternal Life.. Halleluiah.. keeping in mind all the scriptures mentioned. am looking forward to the Coat Of Salvation, And the Coat of -Christian character..in Jesus name amen I would really like to walk like Jesus, talk like him, to al the things that he do, because without him we are nothing, we got lean on him because he's our strength, he is everything to us.. amen..

  • Y I

    Y I

     a years ago +3

    Abraham was Lot's Uncle.

  • bin j

    bin j

     a years ago +2

    Hi place prayer for me a good jobs place prayer for me today Amen

  • Julie Damare

    Julie Damare

     a years ago +2

    praise my holy father

  • Julie Damare

    Julie Damare

     a years ago +1

    our blessed father. we don't deserve his son. praise to my rock and light. my maker and my ABBA.

  • Marie Savannah

    Marie Savannah

     a years ago +2

    Well said i just wish that you didnt stop the message for the advertise

  • Redeemption Entertainment

    Redeemption Entertainment

     a years ago +2

    watching from kenya so powerful

  • Rosetta YService

    Rosetta YService

     a years ago +5

    In His presence there is fulness of joy....

  • Karl Dixon

    Karl Dixon

     a years ago +8

    "let the world see the second coat" Very profound!

  • m g

    m g

     2 years ago +2

    thanks for your preachings,Amen

  • Brandy Riley

    Brandy Riley

     2 years ago +2

    In tears thank you for the word

  • Serene Wong

    Serene Wong

     2 years ago +5

    Yes, brethrens be watchful 👀 and pray. The enemy, the adversary is prowing about seeking whom he may devour. Let's be a overcomer, a testimony for Christ and witness.

  • paulabea


     3 years ago +14

    I thank God for the grace upon Pst. Jentezen. I am always built up. Glory to God

  • Kyle Bunger

    Kyle Bunger

     3 years ago +9

    Wow! "We cry out saying 'God deliver me!' and He says 'No, I'm going to develop you'" What an awesome God we serve..

  • Dre Shalom

    Dre Shalom

     3 years ago +19

    The higher we climb,the stronger the wind blows. through the blood of Jesus we can overcome. Thanks be to God