Shuttle Atlantis STS-132 - Amazing Shuttle Launch Experience

  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 18, 2013
  • Kennedy Space Center, May 14th 2010.
    I was privileged to travel to the Kennedy Space Center, to watch the launch of Atlantis, on what was then, the final "scheduled" flight of the orbiter (STS-132). This video is my homage to the shuttle program, through the in depth experience of a single orbiter launch. I believe we should be thankful for the Atlantis orbiter, all her astronauts, the countless NASA staff who made her fly, and the American people who created a space vehicle of extraordinary power and grace.

    This footage incorporates numerous camera views from the ground, footage I took during launch, and video and audio from NASA showing the orbiter stack itself, during takeoff and flight -- in order to experiencing the all the preparation and the resulting eight and a half minute exhilarating ride into space.

    In places, the timeline of the actual events has been extended slightly to allow us to see different viewpoints of the same moment, and better experience the amazing feat of launching a spacecraft into orbit.

    Enjoy the ride!


    After this flight, Atlantis was processed and prepared to fly one last time... this time as "on call" STS-335, which would remain flight ready, should either of the remaining two orbiters flights require a rescue mission.

    A rescue flight was not needed and Congress, in a rare moment of clarity, appropriated enough money to extend the program to allowed the already "flight ready" Atlantis to launch one last time and to become the last shuttle mission of the Shuttle Program, as STS-135.

    Atlantis now has a home at the Kennedy Space Center.

    MUSIC TRACKS (In order of appearance)
    1) Band Of Brothers Suite Two, Band Of Brothers, (Michael Kamen)
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    4) After Antietam, Glory Soundtrack, (James Horner)
    5) Now We Are Free (Juba's Mix), Gladiator: More Music From The 6) Motion Picture, (Hanz Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard)
    7) Hymn, The Space Between Us, (Craig Armstrong)
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  • Relivit Media Productions

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    This is a great video I wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. There are a lot of great things happening with the space program and other companies participating in the space program , but there's something especially amazing about what NASA has done and what they have accomplished through the work of so many people. I really encourage people to check out the book "High Calling" written by the Columbia Commander Rick husband wife.

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    Increíble maravilloso dios lo bendiga a todos gracias👍🏆🌍

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    Se já é algo monstruoso/descomunal ver um lançamento desses de perto, imagina a sensação dos tripulantes. Meu sonho é assistir algo parecido pessoalmente.

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    Cada misión de ida y vuelta es un tributo a todos aquellos astronautas...que han perdido la vida...durante una misión..siento tanta emoción ver este vídeo ..mi admiración y respeto ..a todos aquellos que son parte de puedo imaginar la experiencia que vive cada dieron ganas de llorar de emoción felicidades..

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    I'm very proud of NASA and full of love and respect . I wish I could stand near watching every space shuttle lanching... ♥️♥️♥️♥️ Lov from Cambodia

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