Rahul Gandhi On Priyanka Gandhi's Entry In Politics: I' m Happy That She Will Work With Me Now| ABP

  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 23, 2019
  • Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Priyanka Gandhi said, "Priyanka Gandhi and Jyotiraditya Scindia are powerful leaders. We wanted the young leaders to change Uttar Pradesh politics."

    प्रियंका गांधी पर कांग्रेस अध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी ने कहा, "प्रियंका गांधी और ज्योतिरादित्य सिंधिया शक्तिशाली नेता हैं। हम चाहते थे कि युवा नेता उत्तर प्रदेश की राजनीति को बदल दें।"
    #RahulGandhi #PriyankaGandhi #Congress

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/4cxJ20gjyHU


  • pamma khiva

    pamma khiva

     9 months ago

    Only win congress

  • Devendra Dewna

    Devendra Dewna

     10 months ago

    True leader

  • ChandraKishor Kotwa

    ChandraKishor Kotwa

     11 months ago

    Mayawati akhilesh kuchh nahi kiya to tum karoge cng

  • ChandraKishor Kotwa

    ChandraKishor Kotwa

     11 months ago

    Tahra se jayda kaam kar delena ka bjp

  • Adi Sin

    Adi Sin

     11 months ago

    Yar ye chutiya party BJP ko vote nahi dunga ab....desh ki soch ko hi change kar diya in 4 years me... divide and rule waali policy walas le aaya BJP

  • Vai Khan

    Vai Khan

     11 months ago

    राहुल गांधी प्रधानमंत्री बन सकते

  • K Kashyap

    K Kashyap

     11 months ago

    Hello I am from Assam.
    In 2014(general elections) and 2016(vidhan sabha), like all the people, I too liked Modi/Bjp Govt. But now this like has been transformed into hatred. Do u know how?
    Read out below...

    Bjp promised that if voted to power they would fulfill the demands of the people of Assam like...major points are:-
    1. Checking the infiltration.

    2. Identifying any Bangladeshi infiltrators(either Hindu or Muslim) who entered Assam after '24th March 1971' in accordance with the Assam Accord 1985,

    3. Granting of ST status to the six indigenous population of Assam which has been a very long time demand for their safeguard.

    4. Employment,jobs etc.

    So the People of Assam trusted BJP and voted for BJP in Assam in 2014 and 2016 (vidhan sabha).

    And, now just go to the news and see what the BJP Govt has done to Assam.

    The BJP govt is doing all the work not according to their promises made in 2014 and 2016 during election campaign but totally against the will and againat the sentiment of the Assamese people.

    For example, Like the 'CITIZENSHIP AMENDMENT BILL'.....Which is totally against the will of the people of Assam, peope of North East.

    Protests are going on across Assam and North-East against the Citizenship Amendment Bill.

    Also there is going economic blockage in upper Assam region for ST status be granted to the six indigenous communities which the BJP govt promised in 2014 and 2016 in all election campaigns.

    Also the Flood problem of Assam, which must be dealt with by the Central Govt., has not been fixed yetdespite being in power since 2014.

    Its been 5 years but NONE of the Promises were fulfilled by the BJP govt.

    Rather LPG price has gone up to 900 from 470. Price of fuel is high. Price of Commodities are high.

    One thing to note that Assam is the largest producer of TEA despite being the largest producer price of TEA is much higher.

    Reality is that the Assamese people are not going to Vote for BJP again.

    The wind is like The Assamese people will kick Bjp govt out of Assam in the upcoming elections. Bjp will not be voted back to power until and unless the promises are fulfilled one by one.

    Modiji can't befool the Assamese people once again by making fake promises.

  • jio lal

    jio lal

     11 months ago

    Rahul Zindabad Rahul Zindabad Rahul Zindabad tha Zindabad Hai Zindabad Zindabad next PM Rahul Gandhi

  • Salam KV

    Salam KV

     11 months ago

    modhi 20 Saal india ko Peeche banaya indian Salthan Rahulgandi Congratulation

  • Sukanta Nahak

    Sukanta Nahak

     11 months ago

    Bjp sarkar very good

  • Soni Bhardwaj M

    Soni Bhardwaj M

     11 months ago

    Cangres madhar chod hai

  • dilip patel

    dilip patel

     11 months ago

    प्रियंका गाँधी को राजनीति के बारेमे कुछ भी नहीं आता है, नाही कोई अनुभव है, फिरभी उसे राजनीतिमे लाया गया है, तो फिर उसे ये नई जिम्मेवारी के बदलेमे हर महीने क्या तनख्वा मिलेगी ?

  • goradia nirav

    goradia nirav

     11 months ago

    Bharat vasi o is lund ko samjo
    Agar bachna he to

  • Sujit Mahapatra

    Sujit Mahapatra

     11 months ago

    Bjp jeetega



     11 months ago

    Rahul papu feil

  • sonu Baidya

    sonu Baidya

     11 months ago

    Baby ko baas Pasand hai mujhe bas Narendra Modi Pasand hai kya voice hai unka kya lamba chura ciina hai uska kitana power full dilog deta hai

  • sonu Baidya

    sonu Baidya

     11 months ago

    Sab BJP ko harane Mai juta hai,,,iske bato se fillings ata hai k Narendra Modi Akela tiger hai jisko bakriya gherne ki koshish Kar Raha hai

  • Aditya Jaiswal

    Aditya Jaiswal

     11 months ago

    In bewakoofon ka lakshya bs bjp ko harana h, iske aage ki inki soch hi nhi h. Itne salon se jo ek dusre ki burai kr rahe the vo aaj hath pakde h , kl fir se ladne lagenge aur pure desh ka chutia kaat denge. Jo khud aaj tak apne chunav chhetra amethi ko aage nahi la paya, na to koi dhang ka experience h, jise desh k bare me bhi theek se jankari nahi h, jiski sirf umar badhi par dimag abhi bhi nhi badha, vo PM bn gaya tb to ho chuka kalyaan desh ka.
    Congress k supporters abhi b time h sambhal jao BJP k liye apne gusse ki kimat kahin desh ko barbaad kr k na chukani pad jaye tum log ko.

  • marge bam

    marge bam

     11 months ago

    Long live INC long live Rahul Gandhi

  • Rajesh kumar bhagwanpur bahraich u.p.

    Rajesh kumar bhagwanpur bahraich u.p.

     11 months ago

    Jo 70 saal mein nahi kar sakta wo kya Karega to aap chutiya Bana Raha isko ek baar Mere Se Aake Muqabla karke dekh tere ko pata chal jayega kya hoti Rajniti modi best mission 2019 Modi again mera contact number 9112546268