DBXV2:BEST Custom Skills/Moves Compilation[Part 2]

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Make sure to hit that LIKE Button! This video takes into account the BEST Custom Skills/Moves for Xenoverse 2. Specifically, Modded versions. This is a Part 2, to the first video I did. While a lot of "custom skills" in general are retextures, others are more on the Unique side.

    The skills used in this video include
    1. Elite Hand Speed: 0:00
    2. Full Charge Power Impact: 0:04
    3. Ultra Final Flash: 0:13
    4.Spirit Barrage Bombardment: 0:19
    5. Super Final Spirit Bomb- 0:25
    6. Surging Spirit- 0:32
    7. Massive Power Up Mixer- 0:37
    8. Solar Kamehameha- 0:43
    9. Mastered Offense- 0:49
    10. Warp Kamehameha Spirit Bomb - 0:52
    11.Gohadoken- 1:01
    12. Black Kamehameha Shot- 1:04
    13. Giant Big Bang Attack- 1:11
    14. Prideful Final Flash- 1:15
    The people responsible for these mods include
    1. Exromand

    2 Megameg

    3. Time Patrollers

    4.Z Warriors

    5. HeirTalent[Spiderman]

    6. DeadlyGoomba
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    Next big video will be with SSB Vegeta's Special Quotes[Dragon Ball Fighterz]. Plan to get that out this weekend.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/4IwKWyx7SYg


  • Bojak51


     a years ago +25

    I personally have never really been a fan of mods that reuse animation from already established moves/transformations in the game. Though I suppose it does end up making the ones with unique animation special. Also no, I don't know how to make these and I'm sure it's a hard process.

  • Rosa Guzman

    Rosa Guzman

     10 months ago


  • Dilute Sheep58

    Dilute Sheep58

     11 months ago

    this should be an actual attack in the game along with the full power jiren 0:04

  • Its - Tj

    Its - Tj

     a years ago

    1:15 these are the type of attacks i was expecting for Dbxv2 but no we get smaller attacks

  • Michael Ruiz

    Michael Ruiz

     a years ago

    I wish xenoverse 2 was actually dope like this

  • Anime meme a caso

    Anime meme a caso

     a years ago

    R. I. P. Spiderman

  • juju bro w.

    juju bro w.

     a years ago +1

    All of these move were awesome 🔥

  • The Bleach Drinking Novelty Panda

    The Bleach Drinking Novelty Panda

     a years ago +1

    Peter Parker didn't deserve this torture

  • Kazuhirra


     a years ago

    Spiderman nooooo

  • Super Spidey

    Super Spidey

     a years ago

    Spider Man is being abused. Poor him.

  • bananavolt 52

    bananavolt 52

     a years ago

    Spider-man is the best punch puppet😂

  • BurgerKingFootLettuce 69

    BurgerKingFootLettuce 69

     a years ago

    Spider man: why are we still here just to suffer

  • SSB Veg

    SSB Veg

     a years ago

    Poor Spidey

  • KALSKingdom


     a years ago +19


  • Shibe


     a years ago

    I think that Jumping Kamehameha (from the last video) should be in Xenoverse 2, if not 3.

  • TNGT Studios

    TNGT Studios

     a years ago

    0:54 why you gotta do my boy Spider-Man that way

  • GohanOXG


     a years ago

    Spider-man > Zeno


  • Jcfrosty Cheesebugga

    Jcfrosty Cheesebugga

     a years ago

    These attacks are fire

  • Metal PlayZ

    Metal PlayZ

     a years ago


  • FurRiousXJ


     a years ago

    Poor spider man