Vegeta Goes Ultra Instinct ( Dragon Ball Parallel World: #2 THAT'S MY BULMAAA ) -DBXV2

  • Published on:  Friday, March 30, 2018
  • Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

    Dragon Ball Parallel World

    -Goku SSGSS
    -Vegeta SSGSS
    -Yamcha(Ultra Instinct):
    -Vegeta Beyond Super Saiyan Blue:
    -Vegeta(Ultra Instinct):
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  • knight6204


     14 days ago

    dead memes

  • tainakevenysantoscombrkeveny keveny

    tainakevenysantoscombrkeveny keveny

     21 days ago

    weree no wey

  • Bao Kien

    Bao Kien

     1 months ago

    Yamcha:"how can you be so strong in such a short time"
    Vegeta:" are still yamcha"



     1 months ago +1

    0:45 how to get this hair

  • GOD メメ HYPER

    GOD メメ HYPER

     1 months ago


  • max


     1 months ago

    yamcha achieving ultra instinct would be Defilently saibmen level

  • Awhina sod

    Awhina sod

     2 months ago

    But Yamaha is never gonna achieve ultra instinct in his whole life



     3 months ago

    Why give yamcha UI

  • Janely Bonieto

    Janely Bonieto

     3 months ago

    wow you added a joke character at your vids nice!

  • Sonic Awesome

    Sonic Awesome

     3 months ago

    Vegeta did the t POSE 2:18

  • St3 Plays I guess

    St3 Plays I guess

     3 months ago

    Uh I don’t think ultra instinct is activated from rage

  • Darwin Watterson

    Darwin Watterson

     3 months ago

    Vegeta got kicked in the balls my ulrta instinct yamcha

  • Gabriel Ruiz

    Gabriel Ruiz

     4 months ago

    im sorry but it throws me off when people don’t know how to play as vegeta

  • sub to me for no damn reason

    sub to me for no damn reason

     4 months ago +5

    Of course in characters from opposite world's yamcha has the ultra instinct

  • Edgar Cerda

    Edgar Cerda

     4 months ago

    The hell doesn't have ultra instinct what the hell you want made this game nobody has odor but Goku super Saiyan

  • Kįngū Krïmšøn

    Kįngū Krïmšøn

     4 months ago

    And you cant go up just from rage, goku got hit with a spirit bomb and absoarbed all of it, so he had a huge Sendai, that’s how he could handle ui omen

  • Kįngū Krïmšøn

    Kįngū Krïmšøn

     4 months ago

    The idea was good, the plot was garbage and cheese no offence ;0

  • Luma Altobi

    Luma Altobi

     4 months ago +1

    Why yamcha ui they should of added mui yancha

  • Kurt Santos

    Kurt Santos

     4 months ago

    I'm guessing when Yamcha showed his true power and lost UI to become a supervillain was probably just because he couldn't fight Yamcha.

  • Kurt Santos

    Kurt Santos

     4 months ago

    The fact that that they used mods to give Yamcha UI and Jiren's skills is triggering.