Is SML a FRAUD?! (no he isn't) - Response to DBTV's SML Exposed video

  • Published on:  Thursday, July 6, 2017
  • TL;DW - These guys lied about Logan stealing Jeffy as a character so that they could get free views, and a bunch of people fell for it and thought it was real.

    Link to GatorHero's video:
    Link to original video: They don't really deserve more views, y'know. But here you go anyways.
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  • SuperMarioLogan


     2 years ago +1128

    Y'all need to subscribe to dabbing dude. His videos are even better than mine and he has the best videos in the universe. Also this isn't fake or anything. Just saying.

  • Matt from Wii Sports

    Matt from Wii Sports

     a months ago

    Ever heard or inspect element guys

  • 100 adventures of Luigi D.

    100 adventures of Luigi D.

     a months ago

    5:40 666 comments

  • Jelena Kekovic

    Jelena Kekovic

     2 months ago

    Oké Adjon még egyszer Pizzaboy nem kell OK one table for YouTube Channel for f*** off

  • Captain Cat

    Captain Cat

     3 months ago

    Logan is not a liar, he just has a hard time keeping promises.

  • WillDuhFoh


     4 months ago

    SML is a fraud. He didn’t steal the idea from DBTV. He stole it from wicked505productions. An old video called Jeffy The Retard goes to 7/11

  • Nihar Marar

    Nihar Marar

     5 months ago

    what was that video?....

  • xSoporific


     6 months ago


  • planet sheen lover_ 569.82812

    planet sheen lover_ 569.82812

     9 months ago


  • jeffy fan

    jeffy fan

     11 months ago

    SML is the best

  • MrInactive


     a years ago

    What happened to GatorHero?

  • Jrock Smoooth

    Jrock Smoooth

     a years ago


  • Mike Avation

    Mike Avation

     a years ago

    Logan did not copy the jeffy the original jeffy concept was taken from a animation that Logan made

  • Malcolm Thompson

    Malcolm Thompson

     a years ago

    those two people are fucking stupid Logan didn't even steal those characters he made those heritors of his own Creations he didn't copy nothing so to the people who try to expose Logan you're fucking stupid and go fuck yourself and to the Pokemon talk or whatever dude he didn't steal your character so quit whining

  • Apex Swords

    Apex Swords

     a years ago

    There is a imposter SML called SML Productions TV and he is with SkipDip. They are about to grow their army. I plan on trying to stop them but I am currently at weak. They're about to flag everything that has Logan in it!

  • Hematite Knight

    Hematite Knight

     a years ago

    the dislikes are they're alts lol.

  • spedboy skills

    spedboy skills

     a years ago

    Didnt logan say that jeffy was from an animation when he was a teen?

  • - VideoDoesStuff -

    - VideoDoesStuff -

     a years ago +3

    4:18 - 4:26 goodmans mouth movements match your voice lol. Well sort of.

  • LeeLee Love

    LeeLee Love

     a years ago

    You are the worst YouTuber and you're just jealous

  • Killer B

    Killer B

     a years ago

    I still think he was stolen