Top 10 Moments Where Goku Brutally Beats His Opponent

  • Published on:  Monday, April 2, 2018
  • Goku usually seems like a guy who mostly tries to not hurt others even if they're bad. Well, take a look at this list of some of the most brutal moments he's made his opponents go through! This list can include moments that are brutal, even if Goku does not kill his opponent.

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    10. Kid Goku kills King Piccolo
    9. Goku kills Broly
    8. Goku vs Vegeta (Saiyan Saga)
    7. SSJ3 Goku vs Janemba
    6. SSJ4 Goku kills Baby
    5. Goku kills Super Android 13
    4. SSJ Goku vs Cooler
    3. ???
    2. ???
    1. ???

    • Goku vs Merged Zamasu (Broken Arms)
    • Goku kills Super 17
    • Goku kills Kid Buu
    • Goku vs Recoome
    • Goku kills Turles

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  • The Dark Master

    The Dark Master

     a years ago +897

    Before you complain about the list, know that I was the only one who had to come up with all those moments, as well as the rankings. It was pretty hard ranking them, and since it was only me, it's pretty much my opinion so you could say it's kind of bias. I did ask two people for help, however they didn't help me much. Also, I haven't watched the full series in a couple of years, so there are many moments that I forgot which would've been better for the list. I hope you can understand, and thanks for watching!

  • Myles Universe

    Myles Universe

     34 minutes ago +1

    I never watched GT so when i saw SSJ4 Goku beats baby im thinking... WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS GONE!?

  • Mikeal Taylor

    Mikeal Taylor

     17 hours ago

    Ssj4 vs Ice Shenron

  • Franklin


     19 hours ago

    The Frieza one was the first one I thought of. I was glad you made that number one, it really showed how super Saiyan changed Goku mentally and emotionally!

    It was just a little short. Watching it blow a crater in namek was dope in the show.

  • joshua balsimo

    joshua balsimo


    11:13 WOW Goku actually has gums!

  • The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98


    Watch this at 0,25 speed.

  • The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98


    Goku maybe a gullible idiot but piss him off and you're FUCKED! Just ask those poor sons of bitches.

  • The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98


    The Dragon Fist is Goku's best attack! It should be canonized!!!

  • NotReallyGohan



    Sleep paralysis be like 11:17:

  • The Nezk

    The Nezk


    English Dub Sucks

  • Fabrizio Ferro

    Fabrizio Ferro


    bro u missed when goku spinecrush frieza with the knee, some wwe shit

  • Devin Brewer

    Devin Brewer

     2 days ago

    Goku isn't Savage like young Gohan. I'm so pissed about what they did with his character.

  • Hulkamazing


     2 days ago




     3 days ago

    Goku didn’t killed Broly he just hurt him a lot, Broly survived

  • ogoslin


     3 days ago

    Super sucks balls

  • StarBloxBr ツ

    StarBloxBr ツ

     3 days ago

    Goku is a God

  • Teen Gemer

    Teen Gemer

     4 days ago

    Goku = one punch man

  • Soulless Flame

    Soulless Flame

     4 days ago

    Goku killed more as a kid than an adult... idk what you meant at the beginning.

  • The Pixel Paradox

    The Pixel Paradox

     5 days ago

    Dude what's with the copyright disclaimer you'll only get a claim anyway lol

  • Ryan Demian

    Ryan Demian

     5 days ago

    can some one tell me who is this broly guy and in which series he is in?