Dierks Bentley - DBTV - Episode 92: Jake & Rehearsals

  • Published on:  Monday, January 14, 2013
  • Jake's back home and makes an appearance during rehearsals in DBTV Ep. 92. Also, Dierks preps to go all out for the Locked & Reloaded Tour. Take a look at a brand new feature of the stage.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/1BsOzt3lxO0


  • Gloria Jones

    Gloria Jones

     10 months ago

    I remember this stay safe

  • Joan Battles

    Joan Battles

     11 months ago

    Beautiful so glad you got your dog back

  • Alice Bibler

    Alice Bibler

     a years ago

    Jake is adorable

  • leanneland


     5 years ago +1

    Jake is adorable!

  • Jayne Taylor

    Jayne Taylor

     6 years ago

    I am so glad Jake is back with you. You are adorable & I love your eyes. But sorry Jake got you beat he is so handsome. :))

  • Harvey7878


     6 years ago

    lol. religious ppl are too funny.

  • Icon Media

    Icon Media

     6 years ago

    social media can bring good. :-) yay!

  • Kaylyn Arconit

    Kaylyn Arconit

     6 years ago

    I cried crocodile tears in my pillow. After I heard that Dierks Bentley's dog Jake went missing. But I am glad that Dierks Bentley had found his dog friend Jake.

  • WindSong221


     6 years ago

    aww, jake is sooo cute!! :D

  • Felicia Bundy

    Felicia Bundy

     6 years ago

    So glad y'all got Jake back:) I don't know what I would do if my dog, Dakota, went missing.

  • Bobby Gasoline

    Bobby Gasoline

     6 years ago

    Jake really has a nice disposition. Now stay!

  • s10dreamer


     6 years ago +1

    Wood made from trees is the best!

  • Greg Austin

    Greg Austin

     6 years ago +1

    Glad To see you buddy is back!

  • The-Outsider


     6 years ago +1

    God bless the person who found Jake! Dierks would be crushed if he lost his pall :) Glad Jake is back!

  • Bandi Patterson

    Bandi Patterson

     6 years ago +1

    Glad to see Jake back. Now about the "thirst quencher trio", I like it and your crazy Dierks!--:)

  • Hannah Bethel

    Hannah Bethel

     6 years ago

    Yay!! Jake is safe!

  • KristinLVNV1


     6 years ago +1

    Jake looks tired and apologetic for giving you a scare.

  • Katharina Zenkner-Cashman

    Katharina Zenkner-Cashman

     6 years ago

    haha! cute.

  • Deanna Alejandra

    Deanna Alejandra

     6 years ago

    So glad to see that you have Jake back. Thank God for that lady who found him. God does answer prayers. This episode is so cute. Can't wait for the tour.

  • tkimins


     6 years ago

    Glad to see Jake back home. I saw the posts but live in SC. Glad to see there are great people everywhere. Renews your faith in mankind.