NoNoNoYes #5 - Totally Unexpected Twists!

  • Published on:  Thursday, September 5, 2019
  • "If at first you don't succeed, sky diving is not for you" - Abraham Lincoln

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  • Bikram Aditya Das

    Bikram Aditya Das

     11 hours ago

    1:03 that tiger is definitely trying to be a good in front of the hooman but he is planning to eat that dog just waiting for the right time

  • Hsp 333

    Hsp 333

     15 hours ago

    0:46 Killer whale: Need help?

  • LowRider


     15 hours ago

    Me in GTA 5 8:34

  • CRekG5S


     18 hours ago

    7:30 I teared up just because I complain about my life everyday while those dog is fighting against thier fate.. salute

  • 티코만세


     20 hours ago

    억세게 운이좋구만~~~

  • Detona's Gamers,com

    Detona's Gamers,com

     21 hours ago

    2:03 probably he not even know that guy. But he still helps him.

  • Michael Diehl

    Michael Diehl

     22 hours ago

    The one with the bus that crosses the bridge, I am going to be the first one off the bus. I don't mind walking the bridge

  • Elijah Cole

    Elijah Cole


    9:04 that thing is possessed!

  • ionutz car

    ionutz car


    03:14 that guy should die.. what an idiot..

  • Quagsire Clearaszerg

    Quagsire Clearaszerg


    Tweh, there is some divine power at work here...

  • Prentis Allen

    Prentis Allen

     2 days ago

    9:08 When you sell your soul to become the ghost rider🔥 STAY WOKE🤧😂

  • R. Leyva

    R. Leyva

     2 days ago +2

    Don't mind me I'm just here replacing real life problem anxiety with other people's near miss anxiety.

  • myles ale

    myles ale

     2 days ago

    Real hero 😍

  • Greed Sin

    Greed Sin

     2 days ago

    migatte no gokui kid 6:54 only dbs fan will understand.

  • lord thick nipples

    lord thick nipples

     2 days ago

    video is aight, music is fucking garbage

    also 6:11 this happened to me, except I wasn't on a motorcycle. I was going like at least 100 racing this dude and some guy cut me off with no fucking warning, so I swerved around them and jerked myself from side to side on my seat, and I ended up in the other lane perfectly. That day I learned my car could handle better than I ever thought it could

  • Jaramillo Lugo

    Jaramillo Lugo

     2 days ago +1

    6:21 The problem with parenting today: they can't get hold of their own young ones, even letting them down... dropping them literally to the floor like you drop a cell-phone... well maybe they grab that one steady! 😒

  • rainmakerXXIV


     2 days ago

    The Tiger and Dog Wurz CRAY CRAY

  • Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton

     3 days ago

    Why the shit music? 💩

  • M Shetty

    M Shetty

     3 days ago

    Truly amazing video



     3 days ago

    good vid seen awhile.. nice work