DBXV2:Broly-Gogeta-Vegeta Custom Transformations[LSSJ-Ultra Instinct-SSBE]

  • Published on:  Thursday, April 5, 2018
  • Give this video a Like please! This video shows off Custom Transformation Mods for Broly, Vegeta, and Gogeta. Specifically, it includes..

    1. Copy Vegeta transforming into Super Saiyan Blue

    2. GT Vegeta transforming into Super Saiyan 4, with SSBE stacked on top of it.

    3. Gogeta transforming into Ultra Instinct

    4. Broly transforming into his LSSJ Form.
    Credits and Links:

    1. Time Patrollers[Tayuya/Kim and others who might have worked on it] responsible for Broly Mod

    Her Twitter

    Check out her YT Channel

    2. Goketer HighCeiling, Darkkin,Andrew Gaming[Copy Vegeta]

    3.CrisGamer27 and 345boneshoss[UI Gogeta]

    4.Drageta and Grav1ty[SSBE Vegeta]

    5..Z-Warriors[ for the custom Vegeta Final Flash


    Lazybone responsible for the aura. will give link in 1-2 hours.
    Social Media:
  • Source: https://youtu.be/--Seu1LwDTM


  • Janemba8000


     a years ago +65

    out of respect for the original modder(s), I will not supply a download link to the Broly Mod unless they(the person/people responsible for the mod) ask, as it's still not officially complete or released to the public. While I do think it's worthy and good enough to be in a video, i wont put out links to it unless they want me to.

  • Kzelax


     6 months ago

    The link of broly please ?

  • Super Whisper88

    Super Whisper88

     7 months ago +1

    2:13 remember when king vegeta ordered for the OG Broly to be stabbed and killed as a baby?

  • angry lolbit

    angry lolbit

     8 months ago

    Gogeta should have the fusion dance thing on his shoulder

  • SpongeboyMeBob


     10 months ago +1

    Did Broly go Japanese for a second? Lmao

  • deafult goku god deafulty

    deafult goku god deafulty

     11 months ago

    Wait whats the second vegeta from

  • Kfc Donalds

    Kfc Donalds

     a years ago

    "I guess you wanna die HERE TODAY" Wow Broly being really clear about their death.

  • Mo Playz

    Mo Playz

     a years ago

    Well poor king vegeta that’s all I’m gonna say

  • Tha Trey

    Tha Trey

     a years ago +1

    How you do that please!?!

  • proxy90909


     a years ago

    So...dimps still "can't" give us a SS4 transformation... K

  • The Universal Gaming

    The Universal Gaming

     a years ago

    Discord for the Broly, where can I find it???

  • nato nato

    nato nato

     a years ago

    i try to make it, but it become weird, what should i do? can anybody give me link broly mod or teach me how to make transformation?

  • gael santiago magaña

    gael santiago magaña

     a years ago

    Copy vegeta tiene el mismo color de pelo que la nueva fase de vegeta

  • Shereen Marie

    Shereen Marie

     a years ago

    Did vegeta said bitch🤣 0:52

  • MGA Trunks

    MGA Trunks

     a years ago

    The broly one was flipping amazing!

  • TrueLightningStriker17


     a years ago

    The Copy Vegeta link doesn't work.

  • D' Martian

    D' Martian

     a years ago

    Creo que el super saiyajin 4 con el blue es más fácil de fusionar que el 2 y el 3 mismo diré porque todos aquellos que se puedan transformar en super Saiyajin y puedan controlar el modo ozaru pueden alcanzar el super saiyajin 4 y lo digo el super saiyajin blue es una fusión entre el super saiyajin ordinario y el super saiyajin Dios (rojo) pero simplemente lo que deben hacer para alcanzar esta transformación super saiyajin blue 4 debes transformarte ozaru controlarlo y utilizar el poder blue y controlarlo recuerden que la transformación ozaru es de todos los saiyajin y Goku que es de clase baja nunca la pudo controlar y lo uso lo que significa que Vegeta si la puede utilizar

  • Inigmian Studios

    Inigmian Studios

     a years ago

    Music please?

  • EnderGoku9001


     a years ago

    “Guess you wanna die here today.”

  • Radwaan _038

    Radwaan _038

     a years ago

    Broly transforming is lit asf🔥