• Published on:  Monday, May 27, 2019
  • The BBC will absolutely HATE this video; make no mistake about that! Their days are numbered and this video provides all of the info you need to put an end to their protection racket once and for all. Together we can make the BBC's worst nightmare come true. It's the least we can do to pay them back for the untold misery they have inflicted on the UK population since TV Licensing was first conceived of.

    This video gives you the knowledge you need to successfully deal with BBC TV Licensing once and for all. The more people who follow the advice in this video, the sooner we can put an end to the BBC's extortion racket. Even if only one in every 10 of us cancelled our TV Licence today, the BBC would lose £400 million over the next 12 months. They would then have to start thinking about alternative ways to fund their propaganda machine. Extorting money from every household in the UK may have been acceptable in the days when the TV broadcasting infrastructure had to be put in place, but in today's world the licence fee is nothing more than legalised extortion. The licence fee rakes in £4 billion each year for the BBC, but where does all of this money go? ... a bunch of TV and radio channels and a website does not cost £4 billion per year. So you can bet that a large proportion of that money is finding its way into the pockets of some shady people at the BBC. The bottom line is this: No one in this country should be forced to buy something against their will, especially if they have no use for what they are being forced to buy.

    It is so unfair for the BBC to hire commission-hungry salespeople at Capita, who use fear and high-pressure sales tactics to scare the public into parting with their money. The BBC like to call these salespeople "Enforcement Officers" and "Inspectors" and they impose targets that compel them to sell 28 TV Licences per week or face the sack. Imagine if the police operated in this way. The prisons would be full of innocent and vulnerable people. It is also unfair that TV Licence goons prey on the most vulnerable people. Imagine a non-TV Licence payer who lives in a mansion surrounded by a large perimeter fence and gates at the entrance that prevent anyone from getting anywhere near the property. A TV Licence goon wouldn't waste their time calling at such a property, as they know they wouldn't stand a chance of being able to even speak to the occupier, let alone scare them. It is far easier and more productive for the goon to prey on occupiers living in working class areas where there are many homes with front doors that are easily accessible. Therefore it makes perfect sense to simply not engage with any TV License goon. The worst they can do is knock on your door every couple of months. Eventually they'll give up calling altogether and go and prey on an easier target. As for TV Licence threat letters, well they can come in handy in the winter if you have a coal fire or log burner. Shredded TVL letters can also provide a more comfy home for all sorts of house pets. Or alternatively, making things out of papier-mâché can be an awesome way for people to express their creativity.

    REMEMBER: Every single person who has ever been convicted for not buying a TV Licence, was convicted for one reason only - they accidentally answered their door to a TVL goon and didn't know what to say or do from there. Some victims even inadvertently provide the goon with grounds to obtain a search warrant. Don't be another victim of the BBC's intimidation, bullying and phoney search warrants. Save money instead by getting clued-up on TV Licensing. The answer to the BBC is LLF... along with silence and a closed door!

    George Galloway Exposes The BBC's TV Licence Extortion Racket

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