2000 Mustang GT Malfuncting Key Switch (Ignition Actuator Problem) "GettiN home w/o a tow truck"

  • Published on:  Monday, November 21, 2016
  • With the ignition stuck on, I dismantle the steering column without removing the steering wheel to start this 2000 Mustang GT. The footage is rough but gets the job done! Hope this helps! :-D

    Video Shortcuts:
    Shorting the solenoid 2:56

    Dismantaling steering column 8:28

    Removing Ignition Tumbler (Key Switch) 11:22

    Looking at the Actuator 13:10

    Removing tilt-lever and blinker switch 14:44

    Removing anti-theft collar 19:06 (Blinking light? See end of post)

    Removing lower dash cover and guard 21:22

    Ignition switch removal (((This is what starts your car))) 27:50

    Starting Vehicle 29:29
    The parts store says this steering column can be in 1992-2014 Ford cars and trucks.

    I replaced both the upper and lower actuator which is what I would recommend. The repair video can be found here https://www.getclip.net/clip/dkJadktGalZUYXM.html

    ((one viewer commented that pulling the fuel-pump fuse will stall the vehicle if you have no other way to turn it off))
    Also pushing the inertia switch in the trunk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEjD-...
    "Pushing it again will reset it"

    Parts needed to fix this problem "Ford Ignition Actuator (upper) F2DZ-3E723-A and (lower) F0DZ 3E715 A" and Lithium Grease

    www.steeringcolumnservices.com states that "This white plastic ignition actuator gear with teeth often breaks preventing you from starting or shutting off the vehicle with the ignition key. The ignition rack actuator failure is often misdiagnosed as a bad lock or ignition switch problem. The steel pin falls out of place and will not pull the lower rack and switch. Reinserting the pin only delays the inevitable --- the need to replace the rack gear (it will fall out again)"

    Random Extra Info:
    Light on the dash blinks "Theft" while starting?
    people say this works:
    Step 1 .. Turn key to on position
    Step 2.. Leave key on for 10 minutes
    Step 3 pull key out lock and unlock
    If it doesn't work retry step 3