Lens Review: Nikon 135mm f/2 DC (Defocus Control)

  • Published on:  Friday, October 26, 2012
  • **Update: I have since sold this lens, but I would still recommend buying a used copy if you can find one under $800. While Nikon is still making the 135mm f/2DC, Nikon's new 105mm f/1.4E is a good replacement for this lens. While more expensive it is far superior in terms of image quality and performance. Sigma also has a new 135mm f/1.8 lens that I would consider over the Nikon.

    Photos I've taken with this lens: http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaela...

    Song: "Posters" by Youth Lagoon

    Footage is from a Nikon D7000+35mm 1.8G, 50mm 1.8G and an HTC OneX